If Motivational Quotes Were Honest

In this episode I looked at If Motivational Quotes Were Honest! I read some of the best motivational quotes and interpreted them as if they were real. Comment more video suggestions down below!

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  1. You shouldn't get a girlfriend just because you want a girlfriend! The right person will come along for your friend someday. Or maybe not IDK I'm not a love guru

  2. See, there is the motavation part than there is the negativity that brings you down. You can't take the good without the bad..I can't think of anything negative, comment down below something that goes with this though!

  3. I made this thing up, (it's very motivational, (not) heh..) it goes, "GIVE UP TRYING!" and she doesn't stop saying it.. What have I created. XD

  4. I am like your friend I will never get a girlfriend and I will be lonely for ever admiring my krush from afar and she will never notice me

  5. His friend that was looking for a girlfriend is probably that Asian guy with the six pack looking for a girlfriend

  6. I can't get a boyfriend because I don't want them just becayse of looks. They have to be nice… I don't see too much of that

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