I’ll See You Again Lyrics Westlife

I’ll See You Again is the 13th track in Westlife’s latest album (Where We Are 2009)
the song is really emotional and very powerful… talks about how a person feels after a death of a loved one…

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  1. My "long distance" ex-boyfriend disppeared after no contact for months. It made me figure if he did commit suicide.

  2. Another holiday without my family and friends who were taken from this world. Lucky then. They don't have to witness the world going to hell. I miss them so much.

  3. This remind me of my grandson who passed away 18 December 2015 age 11,.I hope I do see him again miss him so much xx

  4. I love & miss you kevin , but you will never be forgotten, cause your in my heart & beside me everyday. Cancer took you but you know you were the love of my life. we will see each other again

  5. Katelyn Nicole Davies aka Itz Dolly (youtube), Committed Suicide 30th December 2015 at the age of 12, almost a year has gone by but the world is still hurting, we will never forget you Dolly xx

  6. I love you Dad. I miss you so much! I'm sorry I wasn't there to protect you! The people who hurt you will reap what the sowed. Until Jesus calls me home, please tell Jesus Thanks for every day he gives me on this Earth, as I battle Cancer! Look down Dad, isn't Devyn getting big. He is almost as tall as me. He loves his step father, Jeremy
    This is not goodbye! I will see my father again…

  7. For i daddy i feel guilt in my heart cause i moved away and i lost the time we could haven together and with his grandkids he was in minnesota and i moved to north carolina i should've never moved away. Ily daddy

  8. When they were on the adventure to the mountain People died from exhaustion from the dragon only one person was left after the trip it was only a little girl sheWAs

  9. Thank you so much for this song…
    I lost my mother on August 17, 2017(My birthday) to Small Cell Lung cancer. Things have NOT been easy… I still cry when I hear her favorite songs.
    Songs like these are slowly helping me heal..
    My name is Jonathan and I am sixteen years old.

  10. I lost my childhood friend since we were 5! She beat cancer 3 times and overcame an abusive relationship and finally things were going her way of a single mother of 4 and driving home from work had a heart attack. 45 years of friendship you can never replace! Grateful for this song!

  11. this makes me cry, not just me but my sister love this song and its helped me a lot by giving me confidence this song convinced me not to try hurt myself over a dumb boy

  12. I lost my partner of 10 years on the 13/11/17 suddenly, totally heart broken life will never be the same again.i hope i will see him again xx

  13. I haven't lost anyone in my life in a while I am extremely greatful for that but this song still made me cry reading the comments. Rip to everyone who past away

  14. Lost a great friend lastnight and this song helps in so many ways, of remembering him and what he stood for, he will b missed a lot,

  15. We take for granted so much that we for get to tell our love ones how we really feel in the living years…….we only have a short time with each other. make it count when it really matters. This song says I'll see you again , but really?????? So Make it count the first time, cause we don't know if we'll ever see each other again.

  16. I've listen to this song a lot this year since my grandpa died at the age of 66 April 6 of this year. He gave me a big stuff pooh bear when I was a child, he took me to Toys R US to let me pick out a birthday present every year as a child, he took me to Kingsland and him I went on the beast together. I remember riding with him in his convertible car when I was a kid, my hair was long and I would always have to put in a ponytail cause it would get in my face. He was a big part of my life and when he was found in his apartment my mom had called me up and told me that he was being rushed to the hospital, the next day I had to work in the afternoon so I couldn't be there to say goodbye. My mom and her brother was with him until he passed away. My mom kept me updated the whole time and told me he passed away. Sometime after that he was cremated and his memorial service was held at the Columbus zoo cause that's what my grandpa waned was a party for him. He didn't want his family to be sad. My uncle had some of his ashes put in jewelry for his kids and grandchildren. The rest was donated to science cause that's what my grandpa waned.

  17. Mom your my best friend and mother an dad but the most important thing is that I love you no matter what I will see you again an you did everything a great mom could possibly do R.I.P mom 1946 to Oct 28 2017

  18. 5 years now, and still regret I was not there in your last hr, our last parting was see you later, and you never missed a chance to tell me you loved me….. sorry for the way things had to be but we will see you again…..

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