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Aesthetic Fonts & Spacing Hack For Instagram
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Video Topic: How Do You Space Out Your Text w/ Custom Fonts On IG?

When I’m getting DM’s daily about a certain topic, I know I absolutely need to make a video about it. This time it’s about the custom fonts and perfect spacing that I have achieved with my Instagram captions and IG Bio. This is fairly simple process once you take time to play with trial and error. Let me know your thoughts on this Instagram Trick in the comments!

⇨⠀⇦ (It’s Between The Arrows)

FOR THOSE ASKING HOW TO COPY TEXT FROM YOUR PHONE: Open This Video In Your Web Browser & *NOT* The Youtube App Or *Just Use A Computer* 👌🏾



intro/outro animation by Nathan Hadden
intro music by Duckwrth ⇨
other music by: Ashton McCreight ⇨


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  1. I was JUST listening to a podcast about fonts/texts & spacing for social media two days ago! But they didn't explain it like you bro! DOPE

  2. I have a question, do you know how to get the Kodak Portra film borders on an Instagram picture? I ask people all the time, but no one every answers lol.

  3. hey i love to create feeds. my insta is @der.turbanator. would love to take your advice how do you find that and suggestions to grow

  4. Do I have to do everything with my phone in order for it to work? I tried it on the desktop. Everything looked fine and after I posted the picture I checked it on my phone and it all looked weird. Any thoughts?

  5. Unfortunately, I think your custom font may only be visible for I-Phone users. I'm Android and your captions just display void boxes instead of alphabet letters. Half your audience can't read your captions.
    Loving all your tips and tricks! Keep up the great work 😀

  6. Are you not able to copy things from YouTube on an iPhone? I’m trying to copy the “invisible character” to no avail.

  7. Yo please post a video on how to post full or long pictures on Instagram. I’m struggling. I’ll really appreciate it!

  8. I just tried to do the spacing technique and it did not work for me. Do I copy just the arrows? ⇨⠀⇦ or just one arrow?

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