Joe Rogan Rants About Transgender Kids!

Joe Rogan and Owen Benjamin talk about transgender kids and how ridiculous it is to be giving toddlers hormone therapy on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, JRE 1033. Full podcast –

Joe Rogan talks to Owen Benjamin about transgender kids and parents giving toddlers hormone therapy because they identify as the opposite sex. Owen Benjamin is going through some controversy as he has said it’s wrong to give young kids hormones to change their gender. Joe Rogan agrees with Benjamin and says that parents shouldn’t make those choices for kids and they should wait until the kids are old and aware enough to make these decisions. Joe Rogan talks about transgender kids, trans rights, hormone therapy, hormone replacement for trans kids and other topics with Owen Benjamin on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, JRE 1033.

Joe Rogan Rants About Transgender Kids! –

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  1. Puberty blockers are only used in children when they enter puberty too early. (a 9 year old growing pubes is not a good thing). They are used in gender dysphoria to block normal puberty. 12 or 13 years old is young, but it is NOT 3 years old. If the 12 year old decides later that they are not trans after all, the blockers can be stopped and puberty will commence. I love Rogan but damn he gets so many things completely wrong.


  3. Don't go near children's genitalia with a sharp object is a good rule. Whether is a trans operation, circumsision or whatever else.

  4. A real man can wear a kilt and be masculine, it's hard to get a fight when you're Scottish so the kilt helps, its encourages cheeky fuckers to get fresh.

  5. Transgender surgeries have Benin happening since the ‘40s. How about bringing a trans person on the show and ask them if they would have preferred to get this surgery done earlier. I don’t really think it makes since for these two straight dudes, who couldn’t barely comprehend what it feels like to be in the wrong body, to have real opinions. Bring someone on who’s had the surgery.

  6. Oh, and the Transwoman who just beat the fucker in Virginia who developed the anti-trans bathroom bill was beautiful.  Joe and all you old-minded losers can suck Trans-ass all day 🙂

  7. So when you fuck a kid in the ass you go to jail and your life it's over but when you cut his dick off dress him up as opposing sex put him on drugs that will create non reversible changes for life you are a hero, makes perfect sense.

  8. I️ thought I️ was superman at 6… thanks to billy bad ass I️ learned the hard way, that I️ wasn’t Superman at all. Imagine if everyone around me said, “yeah dude you are Superman” I️ probably would’ve jumped off a building.

  9. I think its reasonable that teenagers could decide on their sexuality and make choices, going into and through puberty. Any younger than that is just crazy. Let the child live, once puberty begins then the child understand what he or she is. Its not unreasonable that teenagers should decide their sexuality and identity. We let straight and gay kids do it, why not trans?

  10. males are males. females are females, marriage is between a man and a woman….that's the cold hard truth, that's the way life's built and if you don't accept it, u have some mental issues…..people need to wake up and return to GOD

  11. Hearing about Owen Benjamin's parents is really cool. I wonder how much homophobia they faced growing up for doing what they love to do, and they're not even gay. Has he ever talked about them?

  12. I agree with this, I don't think parents should be making any decisions for their children, they need to wait until the child in an adult and they can make that decision on their own. People's thoughts and views change through out life.

  13. I knew Joe Rogan in high school when she was Josephine. She was an amazing lay, never suspected she wanted to be a guy. But I'm sure if she gave me one hour I'd make her all woman again.

  14. hormones are already been ingested by all kids in the foods they eat, vaccines, chemtrails ETC. ETC. SO INTERFERENCE is already there in the kids lives!!! by who…. do your research Joe… it's the jew world. order.

  15. Never mind a three year old – an eight year old barely knows the difference between boys and girls and is simply too young to be having a genuine existential crisis over gender. If a boy that age says, "no, I'm a girl!" (or vice-versa), it's probably because they looked at what the other gender kids were doing and thought it looked cooler, rather than some "trapped in the wrong body" crisis an adult would have. Heck, I can remember sixteen pretty vividly, and looking back at that idiot, I'd shudder to think of sixteen year old me making a permanent gender choice!

  16. I'm a straight man and I played dress-up (Wig, Dress, Shoes, Jewelry, make-up, everything) and Barbies with my sister growing up. It was no big deal because it was just play time, not a declaration of my sexuality. Parents are insane these days.

  17. hormone blockers are not the same thing as hormones, all they do is put puberty on hold and once you're taken off of them the effects are completely reversible, obviously 3 is way too early to tell but they can be an incredibly effective tools for 7-10 year olds who display consistent patterns, just to quell puberty before it properly reaches them because it can be an incredibly distressing time if you already don't feel comfortable in your assigned gender. hormone replacement therapy isn't started until 16+ typically, and certainly not in anyone below the pubescent age. most trans people agree that aside from being born in the wrong body originally, being able to go through only one puberty in the correct gender is a preferable experience to trying to fix damage that has already been done.

  18. 18 Y/Os can rarely decide what college program to pursue for the rest of their life, but it shan't be questioned if a 3 Y/O has the cognitive ability to make an enormous life decision that will likely be regretted in the future?

    Seriously, WTF is wrong with people?

  19. If my parents did this to me, I would kill them, then probably myself. Thank God they are not morons with delusions of equality who believe that this bullshit should be normalized through the medium of undeveloped human beings. Fuck people who do this, they should be flogged then put to death.

  20. They do NOT give toddlers hormone therapy. If you are going to rant at least get your facts straight so you don't seem so silly.

  21. Who's giving three-year-olds hormones?

    If from the age of three a child identifies as the opposite gender and barely wavers growing up and really understands the consequences I don't think its wrong to have a doctor prescribe blockers and hormones a year or two early

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