Joe Rogan Rants About UFC Judges!

Joe Rogan rants about how bad the judging in UFC fights is. From The JRE MMA Show #38. Full podcast –

Joe Rogan Rants About UFC Judges!

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  1. I love watching Joe Rogan! But the Karma that comes with watching blood sports doesn't appeal to me. They should fight without gloves!!

  2. I absolutely hate that they give pts for takedowns. I cant count how many times a guy is getting pieced up on the feet but then scores a takedown and wins the rd. Lay and pray wins fights and thats absolutely disgusting

  3. judges should be ex-coaches or experienced retired fighters…. the sport is too complicated for just anyone to judge

  4. The scoring system should be changed. I should apply for UFC Judge. Hopefully im the first, 5th Judge ever damn it.

  5. i agree about the 10points system its bullshit,you get almost everytime the same score no matter if you dominate a round or if it was close,makes most of the time no difference.

  6. DJ is still PFP one of the GOATS to me. The only person that beats him is Jon Jones IMO. Imagine if DJ was Jon Jones size though. Also, why did DJ never get the respect he deserves? He still dosen't, alot of people don't even know em. I guess because he's a nice guy and isn't making headlines for stupid shit. He has all his ducks in a row and likes to chill on Twitch playing games.

  7. not really sure what joes point is. its the commission that provides the ref. thats the point. the ref is not affiliated with the ufc. and because the judges have "never thrown a kick in their life" you know they havent trained personally with any of the fighters or camps. Is he suggesting binning the independent commission (legitimacy) and just have Randy Couture and Matt Hughes judge?

  8. ..i think the judges get it right 90% of the time, no matter who the judges are there will be people who disagree, bad judges like byrd need to go!

  9. You'll need to manufacture robots to judge.
    I don't think there's ever been a system of judging fair or competent thanks to human bias.
    There are too many parameters to consider when you've humans, organisms with the capacity to be flexible or erratic, while adhering to a "black & white" system. You end up changing the rules every time something never considered occurs.

  10. Judges should be background checked now a days, they need legit knowledge of mma and past experience in my opinion

  11. I'd judge! I'm by no means an 'expert' but I've trained and I'm a huge fan of the sport and I appreciate all the intricacies of both stand-up and ground game and the transitions between the two.

  12. Adalay bird has ZERO business judging fights… in boxing or MMA. Nd her husband is the worst ref in boxing… it’s kinda pathetic tbh

  13. Joe are you that dumb? They keep these bullshit judges because they can pay them off to choose who wins the fight. They been doing this for a long time

  14. It's an entertainment company. Chill out. You literally couldn't take them to court for fixing a match if you wanted. Just like the NFL and the wwe?

  15. Interview Paul Levy, author of Quantum Revelation. Would be an interesting discussion that we'd get lost in! <3

  16. But it’s the best to eliminate bias-ness .. they don’t care about either fighter and judge random.. if u had people with knowledge they would have favourites

  17. Im not gonna lie I always assumed the judging was shitty on purpose. Like a control so that if neither fighter really went all out, they could somewhat control the outcome. Im not saying MMA is fake, at all. Im saying that ecent promoters of every stripe often use dirty tactics to get people in tge seats.

  18. "Joe Rogan rants about MMA judges" is what the title should read. Athletic Commission judges aren't exclusive to the UFC or employees of the UFC.

  19. I dream of the day that guys like Randy Couture, Dom Cruz, etc. are UFC judges. We need the greatest minds in our sport making these decisions…NOT judges lining their pockets through athletic commissions

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