Joe Rogan – Ted Nugent Rants About Politics

Ted Nugent on being a big voice in the culture war.

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  1. no joe smoking doesn't make you look like a rebel, it's really rebellious tattoos down your arms. you are the real rebel maaaaan

  2. the only thing separating family's are looser perants that don't want to take their kids with them. take your kid with you when you get deported. take it & take care of it fucken loosers.

  3. Ted wasn't so tough when America needed him to help fight in Vietnam. Ted avoided joining the military. Motor City Snowflake : Talk is cheap!

  4. What best describes his logical falacies is his comment about DDT: We used it to kill flies and saved milions, until some "enviromentalist" came along and stopped it and then millions of people died, better to save millions bla bla bla.. Then Immediately says about waste and accumulation of chemicals. Make up your mind, or dont use examples which are scientific to make you look smarter but you know nothing about them. This is what happens when people try to discuss stuff and think they know more than people who studied it. On one hand he wants us to use our progress to save lifes, on the other hand despises enviromentalist like they are bad liberals, for banning freedom to safe people, but then turns around and say yeah being wastefull is bad. His opinion in these topics are not bad but you cannot use half baked examples and handpick what you want. DDT is a like a silver bullet which never stops flying, sure you will kill exactly what you want, but it stays here with us. When science progresses and we find out its still flying, better stop using it and find a better bullet. But you praise a guy who invented it but despises the guy who pointed out its danger. Haveyour opinions and stands, but leave science to scientists.

  5. I’m a devout liberal! Hearing Teds conservative point of view makes me respect some conservative viewpoints. If only we all could do that!

  6. it's kinda funny, Ted goes "I study it…" and then joe slips in a fact and ted just submits. This is an amazing game, of not being confrontational and letting ted disarm himself by letting him have outbursts.

  7. Leftists are FOR LEGAL IMMIGRATION. Reagan is the one who came up with illegal immigration and keeping people illegal, essentially open borders to guarantee cheap, easily exploitable labor. Trump is for enforced illegal immigration.

    The right has lost their damn mind. Scared shitless pussies who want daddy Trump to save them from Mexicans and Muslims.

  8. Logic:
    White on White Crime is 86%. Whites kill other whites more than any 'Illegal' or Muslim Terrorist COMBINED

  9. The enemy are the deep state once they are gone everybody will realise they have the same values for the most part .

  10. As soon as joe brings up a point that counters Ted he just starts ranting about something else he doesn't even try to be smooth about also ted is such an asshole political correctness has nothing to do with mental illness they are on the streets because people like dipshit ted yell about our military and borders and free healthcare so the money for mental illness care is cut and what's left is put into the military so he should probably just go ahead and shut the fuck up

  11. I'm a conservative guy, but Ted is totally cringey here. He is not the person that i want representing my side of things. Sadly, he's what "works." It's s terrible situation where this is the "weapon" the right uses against the left. Why? Because the left doesn't engage in a fair discussion of things. They play only by their rules. ( the right does the same, but the right isn't wrong.) An example would be how they treat Jordan Peterson ( a thinking man's approach.)

  12. Say what you want about Ted Nugent but he is one of the foremost truthers who says it the way it is! He is 100% correct on all counts!

  13. Just watch his eye movement and the lack emotion. He is a very uncertain, uneducated, unexperienced story teller. You can fluctuate your voice, wave your arms about and appear as if your on top of the world. But where all that falls apart is in the eyes. People who lie don't belong in conversation of any matter.

  14. Ted was talking big game about how he would always fight lies and corruption when Obama was in the office. Who the fuck is more corrupt and who lies more than Trump?

  15. I agree with Ted, lets get guns in the hands of a lot lot more people, then going outside, driving down the highway will be much much safer, obviously. Then the 1 in a million chance that you find yourself in a mass shooting you can be a real cowboy hero, yee-haw! Oh, and also, good people don't ever have a bad day, maybe get a little angry, a little road ragey sometimes, do they? Well, as good ol'Ted points out, we just need to raise them the right way. If only we could do that with the 300+ million people in this country then everything would be just fine. Only if…

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