Joe Rogan’s Hilarious Psychic Rant

Joe Rogan rants about psychics.

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  1. Jordan Peele does the best silly girl impressions. Pablo Francisco is another one who excels at it!

  2. What about that guy from E television? Like he obviously just googles the massively famous people he meets before hand! People are so dumb.

  3. Hilarious? Wow Jamie, you may have gotten an "A" in 8th grade pyshics, but you get an fat fucking "F" at judging comedy.

  4. Redban is up to something tho, over here in the valley thee Psychic are HOT latina women, once around midnight i was walking past the psychic shop heading for the taco truck i saw a hot woman run outside to her car in her bra and skirt and a dude shirtless waiting inside stroking it. LOL

  5. I remember once being as stoned as Joe is here – this has got to be one of the cringiest ever episodes.

  6. Call me crazy but I think information from higher planes can be implanted in people's thoughts, so I would see validity in checking with a shaman/monk you know and trust to get information to hold in mind through out your day. Obviously you take the information with a grain of salt but anyone who has experienced serendipity knows what I mean about life having a super natural/matrix kind of sense to it.

  7. Very loose use of the word hilarious. This shit was hard to listen to, joe is definitely not as funny as he thinks he is

  8. Holy shit I never thought about bit that way before.
    "I'm horny but can't make my own decisions so ill go to a complete stranger. Now if he turns into a psycho, I can blame the psychic.
    Mind totally blown.
    Put Joe with Redban and he sounds like a genius.

  9. I folks am psychic. Let me tell you this. Psychics are frauds. Who else would tell y'all truth like this but another psychic?? Yes I take PayPal.

  10. okay you can play rogan's bit in joe rogan live where he does the chick voice and it sounds on fucking point to his impression on here

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