Life Insurance as an Investment – Dave Ramsey Rant

Life Insurance as an Investment – Dave Ramsey Rant
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  1. Knowing the industry and the way Dave tells people to own their house instead of rent, I’m surprised he doesn’t do the same for Life Insurance. Term is like renting; after the period is up you lose your coverage and don’t receive anything. Permanent lasts as long as you do and will always pay you or your family something in the end (even if that’s at age 120), for the same cost as a term policy does in the long run if structured appropriately. As for the points made in this video: 1) some permanent policies have increasing face value tied to the increase in cash value and 2) Life Insurance is not an investment, it is an asset and should be treated as such. It’s also better to compare it against an emergency fund than an investment. You can earn maybe 1% at most banks currently, why not have one that earns 5% compounding instead?

  2. Dave is wrong here. You can get dividend paying life insurance, it grows at 8% tax free per year, every year, which you can take tax free, or let it grow the death benefit

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