Live Rant PSA

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  1. Charles karma is a bitch it will catch up to you one day for leading zane on you are lil bitch

  2. Dude,Mac wouldn't want to be anywhere else .He loves you and he loves being on this adventure.He's living a better life than the majority of dogs out there.If he wasn't with you,he would hurt a person,or another dog,and then get put down,so he's in a much better place.You saved Mac's life so screw them idiots!

  3. nah buckeye suuuuucks cops sucks no shade .fyckn been here a wk trying to get out.Luckily I got a ride lined up later.

  4. I'm a dog owner myself have been most of my entire life . People who don't own a dog continually tell me what they think or what should be done. My dogs vets always informed me my pets were in excellent condition extremely healthy. Some people say my current dog is extremely dangerous. Yet my dog simply protects our home from unwanted guests.

  5. I've seen a person do that hey what's up with a fake ass expression of friendship, then turned white in fear seeing the person didn't even flinch hardly then their face turned to anger. The sucker puncher wished they never did it or attempted it again. You had to be there lol.

  6. Why? Cause we feel you dude. Many of us have been there on many things you share. Your no different than original Native Americans who felt the USA is our Home full of Milk and Honey . Simple as that.

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