Lulaby Loves Sans/Bendy rant

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  1. Fade don’t listen to them ur a better person next report them and that you’ve always got me :3 maybe we could do a collab!!!! Well i hope so lol

  2. Don't let them get to you..I know its hard sense your going through all this hate but in the end,you'll be ok…you have the people & fans in your life to keep you company,not the haters.

  3. Fade, you really don't deserve any of the crap you get. I know my words can't stop anything… but I hope everything gets better.

  4. How you catch a tracer
    They make a killing video of who they're tracing.
    They send hate when the real artist says please stop.
    They call everyone bitches. Even their subscribers.
    And last they would say a dumb excuse like, ''When my I am submitting my deviant art she/he copies it before I can submit! And now you bitches are saying I'm tracing?! ARE YOU BAINDEAD?'' (One tracer said that before.)

  5. she shouldn't be doing this to you. You deserve.. SO much better. I won't tell lulaby to kill herself, or else i would be no better than her. I hope she stops this. I'm so sorry.

  6. This is bull crap. I'm serious. Nobody should ever tell you to kill yourself. You are an amazing YouTuber and all your fans are here to help you get through this. She doesn't deserve to have any subs when she just steals art like that. She must really like your art enough to steal it. I swear, if I catch her hate on you or tell you to kill yourself one more time… she's gonna get it from me. I promise we all got you. <3

  7. ?: Stop tracing.
    Lullaby: kys
    ?: Stop telling Fade to cut herself.
    Lullaby: kys
    ?: If you trace, at least give credit.
    Lullaby: kys
    ?: You stole that song.
    Lullaby: kys
    ?: Its all traced and the artstyles aren't even the same.
    Lullaby: kys
    ?: Stop telling people to kill themselves.
    Lullaby: kys

  8. Now listen here Lullaby, and listen closely I ain't no Ass and neither is Fade so either I report your channel or you delete it or get a counselor. Uhhhhhhhhhh seriously what is wrong with fangirls these days. I'm one myself, but I don't kill people over it, that's just a little bit too much.

  9. Plus this comment is to lullaby not to fade. If you want to record my comment on a video and send it to her, you have my permission.

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