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Makeup That Was SUPPOSED To Be Limited Edition

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What I’m wearing:
Face- Fenty Beauty Primer, Fenty Beauty Foundation in 150, Tarte Shape Tape Concealer in Light, Rimmel Stay Matte Powder (all over face), Laura Mercier Translucent Loose Setting Powder (under eyes)
Blush- Tarte “Exposed”
Highlighter- Anastasia Nicole Guerriero Glow Kit
On my eyes- Urban Decay Eletric Palette, My Z Palette ( Stila Glitter and Glow in Diamond Dust
Lips- Bite Beauty “Glace” Matte Cream Lip Crayon, Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain in Honey

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  1. I got the alchemist palette when I barely started makeup and this girl at Sephora told me “I had to get it because it was limited edition” and it was going to run out so I bought it but it absolutely was not actual holographic and it broke so quickly honestly it wasn’t good for a beginner at all and not worth my money. But of course I didn’t know anything about makeup so I just listened to what they told me. I seriously regret buying it there’s are much more affordable palettes that are better for beginners.

  2. The Jaclyn hill palette was meant to be permanent from the start. She said so on her Snapchat on launch day after it sold out

  3. To be honest, I've stopped trusting any "limited edition" products unless they're very clearly being marketed for a certain season. If Too Faced put out a "Peppermint Bark" palette and everything related to it was CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS CHRISTMAS I'd probably believe it was limited edition. But if it's just some random product, I think that's brands trying to give themselves room to make a product permanent if it does well.

  4. Sometimes I think its up on sites for awhile because they ordered too much. I'm more annoyed about putting it into the actual permanent range, like the Champagne and Prosecco Pop and the Peach palette. I think the Nikki Collab will leave eventually. The BH palette will eventually go away, but I think itll get restocked a few times before them. Things arent as "limited" anymore.

  5. Churro highlight by color pop was a joke. They swore it was limited. Then they brought “one last batch”. Then it became permanent.

  6. Probably one thing about limited editions not being completely limited edition is that they made a bunch and it didn't sell so they keep it online or in store. Why throw away perfectly good makeup that people still want? I watched a video recently on checking how long ago makeup was manufactured and some high end makeup was 4 years old when buying in sephora. I don't understand why people fall for the hype of limited edition and then get mad about it

  7. My friend bought the Kat von D alchemist pallette after they stopped it being limited edition and she's hit pan on 2 she wears it all the time

  8. What LE Holiday products have taught me is that…don't buy it. They're going to go on a HUGE sale at sephora (looking at you, ABH Blush Kits…not happy).

    Also, the peach foundation from TF is actually wonderful! They may have used the peach palette as a lead in into this, but some really good (and bad) products came out of it

  9. If it says limited edition and it's been on sale for a long time, chances are people are just not buying the product, so it's still the same stock. I agree with you that it's sneaky an dishonest when they use the limited edition label to make people buy it. But even though I get that it's a problem for consumers when you don't know if it's limited or not, I don't really think there's much for the company to do about that. They obviously do so because they don't know how well the product will sell. If they say it's limited edition it will be dishonest because they might make it permanent, but if they say that it's permanent and nobody buys it they'll have a permanent product that they're not making money from..

  10. My two cents as a Sephora employee – To this day, some of our most sold palettes are the Peach and Modern Renaissance. They still sometimes out of stock, even though we get a regular supply a few times a month. The same goes for Champagne Pop. I’m not sure if Jaclyn is still associated with Becca, but I can attest from my experience that all of these items have a popularity beyond the beauty guru hype. People completely unaware of Jaclyn and Youtubers come in for these products. It’s kind of scary to see the pull of YouTube fads in my store, but these items at least are popular of their own accord now. We have been out of stock of the Peach palette for a week at least, even though it’s been out over a year.

  11. they make stuff permanent bc it is doing well and making them lots of money and they do what’s best for their company

  12. Yeah, I don't really agree with you on this. While, yes, some brands do use it as a marketing strategy to get you to buy it ASAP and make you feel like you NEED to buy it, that isn't always the case, as with the Champagne Pop shade. Champagne Pop was a game-changer as far as highlighters were concerned and honestly changed how the makeup market worked — before, like between the early 1990s through the mid-2000s, being as matte as possible was what you wanted, but once Champagne Pop came out, we started seeing more "dewy" products and more "dewy" makeup looks being created. It makes sense that they made it permanent because not only is it more or less a "flagship" product for Becca, but it really did revolutionize the makeup industry. Also, I'm fairly certain that Jacklyn Hill is no longer partnered with Becca and, therefore, would not receive any royalties on new Champagne Pop releases. I would also like to mention the Too Faced Sweet Peach line. The Sweet Peach palette is, arguably, one of Too Faced's most popular and well-received products in general (the Chocolate Bar palette also is, but it's kind of been thrown into oblivion because people prefer the Sweet Peach palette more at this point) and, to be quite honest, it doesn't appear to me at all the Too Faced thought that the Sweet Peach palette would be as well-received as it was. It took them quite a long time to not only do initial re-stocks, but even to bring it back as a "permanent" item and even longer to release a Sweet Peach collection. While I think the Sweet Peach collection is obviously trying to profit off the popularity of the Sweet Peach palette, that doesn't really matter — ever heard of the term "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."? Because that seems to be what Too Faced is doing here. People love the Sweet Peach palette and, by default, love the Sweet Peach line. I used the setting spray and loved it, and plenty of people love the Papa Don't Peach blush as well as that shimmery bronzer. There was also a lot of hype around the Sweet Peach foundation for a while after it had launched because people liked it. Too Faced may not be the best brand, but they certainly know how to sell products, create good packaging, and make good products. And, you know, you're right about brands wanting to keep "trend" items as permanent items — brands do this literally all the time and is not a new concept. I am the last person who would stand up for a company, but you have to keep in mind that trends come and go and, as you, yourself, mentioned in this video what companies want is money — and what a better way to make money than to create "trendy" products, even if in five years the trend has completely died out? How do you think clothing companies stay afloat, or even restaurants?

  13. I didn't get the alchemist when it came out and i was pretty bumbed about it,so when i saw it in store this past summer i snatched it up. It was a great decision, because i still use it everyday.

  14. Also I love this series, however in this video you seem to be criticizing eveything the companies do for marketing, without offering any suggestions of what they should do instead. You say they shouldn't say something is limited edition and then make it permanent, and then you say that they shouldn't, but that doesn't leave any other options really. If they released something saying it would be permanent and then discontinue it people will be pissed. If they released something limited edition and it does well but sells out in an hour and people don't get it, people will be pissed. That is a no win situation.

    Not specifying whether something is limited edition or not is a good option, especially if they haven't decided yet. That's not shady. Its just normal business procedure – ALL companies (makeup or otherwise) tend to follow that format, of seeing if a new product is successful or not and then decide whether or not to keep producing it, because they're not going to risk losing money by making and selling products that don't bring in a profit. Companies exist to make money. You can't get mad at them for that.

  15. There are definitely benefits of me not living in the US and not having a Sephora in my country. I cant even buy the things that youtubers get excited about(and even if I can order that the customs and shipping to Croatia is crazy), plus the only things I wear is concealer, mascara, lipstick, highlighter and eyeshadow and LE and regular edition releases have been so boring for years now.

  16. I agree with you 100% except the NikkieTutorials x Ofra part. My theory about why it came out to be available after 1,5 year and in sale is because maybe people complained about this so much and the word spread so it didn't become successful as a product and not that many people decided to buy it, as the company probably predicted.

  17. I feel like FOMO is a mindset that people have, and brands capitalize on that…but you can change your mindset and not fall prey to it. I generally don't get worked up about limited edition products. There have been a few things I've missed out on, but it's not the end of the world. I can't blame the brands for their marketing tactics if I know what they're doing and I fall for it anyway.

  18. the sugarpill edward sicssorhands pallet and polish was supposed to be LE but they had the polishes for like a year after that and still have all the eyeshadow shades in individuals lmao

  19. Speaking of "one last restock": anyone else notice that Kat Von D never announced that not all the shades would be coming back with the new studded kiss lipsticks?! magick was my holy grail lipstick. I'm so salty I couldn't buy any before Sephora rolled out the new formula

  20. Companies are for profit. They get the most profit for doing things like this. If you KNOW that you don't want a product but are just buying it because it's limited edition then you're an idiot???? It's your money, you can do what you want with it. You weren't held at gunpoint and forced to buy this. Nobody made you buy it. You cannot complain about a company because YOU bought a product.

  21. I don't understand your issue with buying a product just because you're "giving" money to a YouTuber/influencer. They have worked on this product. Their name is on it. It is how it works. The brand gets a higher amount of income because of the amount of people being sent over by Jaclyn, or by Kathleen etc., it is a 2 way street. If you were approached by a company to do a collab with, say, an eyeshadow palette but you were told that you wouldn't get money from it, would you do it? No, you wouldn't because you would be wasting your time. The makeup industry is huge and is growing day by day, you have to keep up with things and stop being so negative and salty just because you're supporting other people….

  22. I mostly agree with everything said here. Only thing I think is important to note is in relation to beauty guru’s collabs and them permanently making money. This could be the case but it depends what the contract states. Companies can decide to ‘buy out’ the collaborator in a lump sum fashion so that the person no longer has financial claim to the product 🙂 otherwise they can renegotiate the percentage or leave it as is. Hope this helps!

  23. i just found your channel from my recommendations and I'm so glad I clicked on it because you're super talented and I love your videos and I hope you keep making these kind of videos !!

  24. I can see your points. But I don't agree with you 100%. And, that's fine. I think some of the issues surrounding limited edition products are over-exaggerated. I agree with you about being lied to, that's never on the up and up. But, these makeup brands are businesses, and business is business.

  25. I agree with some of your points but disagree with many….first of all I'm happy when a really popular product even if limited edition becomes permanent because it gives everyone a chance to get it, other wise i would have missed out on the amazing champagne pop and queen of heart palette, and I'm still sad i didn't get Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca. Second, I don't mind paying for a product made by a youtuber and that they get paid, they worked hard on it and deserve that profit. Third, I don't think its how Jaclyn does her deals that the product needs to be permanent, I just think that she does such a good job on all her collabs that the company decides to make it permanent, she's just that good.

  26. Ugh I hate my sweet peach palette. I’m still trying to get use out of it. I honestly thought I would love it but it’s the worst palette I own. I do love my champagne pop though lol.

  27. Lol I bought the alchemist palette and I love it and still use it to this day. I don't wear makeup every day, but when I do, I use it. But then again I'm not exactly a fad driven person, I like what I like.

  28. I was just going through the Makeup Geek website and I was SHOCKED to see that the highlighter palette that KathleenLights collaborated with them on (i know I almost forgot too) was STILL IN STOCK! That came out so long ago! And it specifically says "limited-edition" in the description. No one, not even her, talks about this anymore! It's crazy!

  29. I got the Alchemist palette for Christmas (2017) and because I’m an almost translucent cool toned pale person the blue and purple colors look better on me than traditional gold toned highlighters. The size of the pans is a bummer though ):

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