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Metabolic Dominance: The Real Captain America Super Soldier Research

See the detailed blog post here:
A Bioneer post on transcranial direct current stimulation:

This post explores real-life research by DARPA to try and create super-soldiers. It explores the ‘metabolically dominant soldier’ program and ‘peak soldier’ program. There we find cooling gloves that can improve endurance, a ‘fitness pill’ called 516, an anti-sleep spray called orexin A, research into ‘unit cohesion’, myostatin blocking injections and much more.

The conclusion? We’re not that far from creating a real-life Captain America. And in future, we might all benefit from this super-soldier technology. In the meantime, biohackers can learn from this research and find new ideas to explore.

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  1. I'm a medically retired (from combat) United States Army combat medic that was stationed at fort Sam Houston in the early 2000. Please contact me.

  2. 6:58 That dude is injecting some drug solution directly into his muscle, as if he´d be a film hero.
    First, at that spot he could hit an artery, which could cause imminent widespread arterial necrosis, or even worse, a heart attack because of the body´s reaction. An amateur would call it an allergic reaction, lets stay with that for short.
    Second, even if he hits the muscle – he clearly wants to create a depot, even if he does not even know it is called like that.
    It is same likely the muscle tissue cannot process the substance, which would lead to a painful muscle destruction, so again necrosis, which again could cost him either the arm, or because of the massive metabolic poisoning from muscle destruction, organic problems.

    Kids, dont put syringes somewhere into you for a youtube video.
    And you should not show that stuff to people without criticising it.
    Yes, i am a professional.

  3. Is what happened to captain america even possible? I don't think so, id love to be able to throw 2 grown men through a wall and stop a helicopter from taking off..

  4. Hey hey hey if your going to talk abok ut a drug dont talk false and bullshit studies. GW50156 is not TOXIC!!! The cancer studie was not well done and you should announce that study provided the rats 400 times the dosage recommended for a human. So stop spreading bullshit and spread truth or you will quickly find your ass the laughing stock of youtube

  5. Could not use that border anymore? Makes the video look like old school 3D without the glasses. Might hurt most folks' eyes.

  6. Just find a pool of super smart and super athletes and get them to have kids, basically eugenics on a small scale instead of an entire population.

  7. Captain America is at the pinnacle of human physical potential. He is not beyond it. Batman has trained so hard that he has reached that pinnacle. Captain America got it through the super soldier serum. He did lose the effects of the serum for a while and maintained his physicality by training hard.

  8. Batman is all on highly advanced experimental steroids and he takes a shit load. Batman does nothing but train and take large doses of illegal drugs.

  9. Better living (and better soldiering) through Chemistry.

    An even greater, if certainly more permanent for good and ill, method is cybernetics. Which, of course, is also being researched for both medical and military applications.

  10. Myostatin inhibitor s were widely available years ago in supplement stores and didn't work.DHEA???depends what study you read.

  11. What I don't understand about Captain America is, when he comes out of the pod his pants seem well tailored. But he was shorter and skinnier when he took the syrup…..

  12. You don't need pills or injection or gloves to reach the next level of physical development But rather you need will to train harder and get strong and build your mental capacity

    Your mental capacity should be beyond your physical capacity

    Humans can get strong not by drugs but rather through changing themselves and striking for higher goals

  13. Well, In Captain America: The First Avenger, he has multiple Injections to several parts of the body at the same time. The Gene Doping would work almost exactly the same as In the film, when the problems like Cancer and splitting the wrong cells are fixed, of course.

  14. I don’t understand why more research isn’t done into steroids. The super soldier serum was essentially a super steroid. Genetic specification, intense workout routine, strict diet, and the perfect steroid.

  15. You don't want that because of Khan of the fictional Star Trek universe. Khan really was superior in every way but you also got megalomania with every other gift. Genetic engineering is the only way, except for cybernetics, to create a super soldier. This a Pandora's Box you don't want to open, with the comic book hero Steve Rodgers they got lucky. He was a good man; we in real world I fear won't be so lucky.

  16. Could just do what the Nazis did and just feed our troops with meth and there you go… Super Soldiers.

  17. i dont know about Soldiers but ied love pain blockersim disabled and suffer somuch pain i have problems standing long enough to make a drink of tea or wash my hair in the sink or shave.

  18. creating super soldiers is absolutely obsolete! modern warfare will be fought by machines most likely driven by AI!

  19. Meditation, Zhan Zhuang, Tai Chi, Mo Pai, Qi Gong, Hatha Yoga, and Kriya Yoga are all ways to develop superhuman powers. They just lack the flash and immediacy of Dr. Erskine's serum.

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