Michael Caine Talks About Christian Bale’s Rant With Craig Ferguson 2010

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  1. Sean Connery can beat Bale on rants on set. Connery once went of on a guy working on set so bad. The guy left the set went home and moved to another country.

  2. I've experienced the celebrity world from the inside, and I was always astonished at how superficial it was. There is only a small sprinkling of actors who genuinely want to bring a story to life through their craft. The vast majority are in it for the attention. Yeah I know….duh. But when you're around these people and you see what makes them tick, it's quite disheartening. And another obvious observation; they all do drugs. And that's ALL actors. Anyone who says otherwise is either lying or doesn't have the faintest clue what they're talking about.

  3. There's a double standard in Hollywood. If Will Smith went on this type of rant, that'd be the end of his reign.

  4. Funny interview but I think Caine has the timings wrong. The tape was leaked at least a couple of months before the film – hardly 'just in time for opening weekend'.

  5. Michael is a great friend for deflecting the attention onto himself and making the situation funny, good on you.

  6. Michael Caine is one of the biggest badasses in the movie industry. He was in the biggest gang in London as a teenager, served in Korea and is rumored to have killed Chinese soldiers in a bayonet charge, he's just a world class actor and his name sounds like someone is saying "My cocaine" in a English accent.

  7. what about the poor guy that had to take his wrath ??? just cus Christian might be a good guy doesn't excuse his behavior. it was extremely immature. no one I mean no one has the right to treat anyone the way he treated that camera man trying to do his job

  8. I love how Christian's acting buddies are like, "Eh, well acting like an ass to a peon isn't really acting like an ass. He was nice to me!"

  9. I think they actually did record Michael Caine when he got angry and decided to build Harry Brown around it

  10. If I see a movie with Michael Caine I know bloody well I'm going to see some great acting. Even as a young man, many moons ago, I recognized that he was great. When I saw him in "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels" I realized just how to truly brilliant he is. My god, one of my favorite movies. Who else could have stood toe to toe with comedy legend Steve Martin at the time and take him to school? That was Caine's masterpiece all the way. His role in Austin Powers – equally brilliant casting. I'd watch a Nigel Powers movie any day. Any picture, with the exception of Jaws 4, he classes up. At the very least, he out-acted the shark…

  11. There is a British film critic called Mark Kermode. He's a real cinefile and is usually very astute and always very honest when it comes to judging a film. He quipped, while reviewing the finished Terminator movie, that in all likelihood, Bale's rant coincided with him realizing he had been had by Mc G (I mean seriously?!? how could you trust a multi million dollar film to a fella who goes by that name?! lol). Bale knew at that moment the movie was going to be a duffer and that a moron was at the reigns! I don't blame him if that was the case 😉

  12. very kind man, no doubt he thought his rant was not that big of a deal but media played it up like wildfire. they love drama.

  13. Bale is a slime ball dick.
    Ironic he's supposed to play the greatest example of "honor thy mother and father" and he pushed his own mother out of his room

  14. It’s what they call a pr stunt, the studio released the audio of Christian to get everyone talking about the film the week of its release, it’s just shows that the film studios will tarnish a mans reputation just to sell a theatre ticket to their shitty little movie

  15. Christian Bale went a bit nuts but acting can be stressful and when your trying to stay focused and morons are being well moronic i guess you might lose it. He went a bit overboard but i didnt see what lead up to that episode so i dont know if it was something minor or if something else had upset him and he just cracked after being wound up about it.Of course if this is a thing he does he may need to see someone about managing his temper but he made a great batman

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