Nobody Cares About Your Car – Dave Ramsey Rant

Nobody Cares About Your Car – Dave Ramsey Rant

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  1. I drive a Prius because I love the efficiency and the technology behind it. If someone doesn’t want to date me or be my friend because my car isn’t cool enough for them, I don’t need them in my life! You would be surprised how manny women actually would pass on a Prius driver because they want status and these women will make you broke. It’s like gold digger replant!

  2. I drive a 2006 Scion XB Box Car with 464,000 miles on it!!! I love that car!! Still easily gets 36 MPG and runs like new!!

  3. Or they care about your car for 2 or 3 years until the newest model came out. Who comes up to you now and says nice 2010 dude. Few if any. In 2010-2011 yes. Now a few years later no one cares. The 2018 you bought today no one will blink at in 2023.

  4. I like to buy a spanking new car. But then I keep them a very long time. Over the long haul, new cars don't cost much to maintain and they should last a long time with proper care. Plus it's nice to reward yourself with something new. You do however take the depreciation hit. So, buy and hold.

  5. Call me crazy but I owe 10k on my Raptor and plan on keeping it till the wheels fall off. Fleasing vehicles is joke! If you don’t have the money don’t fall for the bait of the dealerships. Lesson learned the hard way at this end. I’m just greatful I made this mistake with a Raptor.

  6. i have a 1992 Mazda Protege with 143k that’s a 5 speed that’s in great shape cosmetically and mechanically. yes it burns a little oil like most 90’s japanese 4 cylinders but this things super nerdy & fun. and the best part..no monthly payments.

  7. I drive a 2005 Range Rover with 150k miles and my wife drives a 2010 BMW with 250k miles I fix them myself when there’s any problems if any, people always think our cars are newer, but what we love is the no payments.

  8. Yeahhh, um no. Don't kid yourself bud. People do care but only for about 2.5 seconds / laugh then move on to their next selfie. And yeah don't think of trying to pick up a chick in an old rust bucket. They care. lol

  9. you only live once, no matter what you drive, just do what works for you. I bought that fancy new car dave is talking about, not for show but because I like it. I spend a good fraction of my life traveling to and from work along with everywhere else…I might as well get what I like and enjoy the ride.

    I could buy that expensive tv, sporting tickets, gym set, pool or whatever, but at least my new truck has value to it and lasts more than just a few minutes because I will use it everyday.

    Its true I could by a cheap used car, but with new I stopped pouring money into the pit. I got better insurance rates along with safety rates, and braking and handling is improved. I get better gas mileage. All of which adds up in the long term, plus no maintenance with warranty.

    If everyone saves all their life you wont have anything you wanted.

  10. No one cars about your nice car. They only care about it when it's run down so they can talk bad about you

  11. I have an 89 firebird I've been driving for 20 years, a 96 chevy truck I've had for 11 years, and a 2000 neon I got for free about 10 years ago. All 3 have issues and I'm tired of working on them. Today I need to pull an exhaust manifold off the firebird and replace the gasket. I can afford newer vehicles, but I got too used to being cheap. The temptation is there.

  12. I drive a 2001 black Alfa Romeo 156 JTD. I love my crapy car, I pay it in cash, $2000 and I love it. It takes where I need to go and it is confortable and more importante, I work to get it!

    Love your crapy car! Feel pride for having them!

  13. I've never gotten a license, never learned to drive, never owned or rented a car… I'm 30 years old. I walk and I take public transportation. Saved tons of money

  14. people like old car anyways… the one that have been taken care of! 😉 people still thumb ups my 07 diesel silverado … she has no trust and is treated right and some goodies everynow and then to keep esthetic fresh

  15. Lately when I ever I see a nice car all I can picture is $600+ a month that I could use to invest and go on an adventure with family. Instead of a car that spends most of its life time parked at work, home, or grocery store

  16. I drive a bright orange Dodge Challenger. V8. Mean and loud. I know nobody cares but I care because I’m a huge car person. It set me back about $40k but it’s my passion so oh well. Welp, that’s it.

  17. THANK YOU DAVID! I used to think this way whe. I first started driving, no one cares. Thanks again your helping me manage my finances? While trying to run a business & work full time.

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