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OUTRAGEOUS Things We Finance

“Financing is Available”. How many times do you hear or see this message? If we want it, we can have it. All we have to do is sign on the line and borrow the money to get it. In this video I share 10 things I’ve consistently heard over the years, be financed, by Dave Ramsey “Debt Free” Screamers. I also admit to the crazy things in my past that I’ve personally borrowed money to get. What outrageous things have you financed?

How We Stopped Living Paycheck to Paycheck

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Hey there! I’m Dana. I’m a wife and Mother to 4 kids, including twin boys and two girls. I work full time outside the home in finance as a Corporate Accountant, but enjoy sharing my personal and parenting journey online. We live in the Philadelphia area.

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  1. Firstly, I would like to thank you for introducing me to Dave Ramsey…I wish I could've discovered him sooner coz I would've had at least 200k by now sigh…

    My grandma was a "frugalist" person I knew growing up; she never financed anything other than her house which was paid off decades ago, always paid in cash, had a side hustle by selling homemade goods, only bought enough food so nothing gets to waste, grew a huge garden of veges/fruits throughout her backyard, raised some chickens, was very mindful of electricity usage, and always prepped everyone's food so we didn't spend anything at work/school. I used to think she was "weird" for being so strict about money, but that's exactly what D. Ramsey says, "be weird, don't be broke!"
    Now thanks to you, Ramsey, and other YTubers here, I'm on my way to building wealth. Saving money and seeing more space around my house is addicting once I became a minimalist.

  2. My sister financed an Eletrolux vaccume cleaner. I bought a used hoover. it took her for-ev-er for her to pay it off. (I've done my own dumb stuff). I've never financed Christmas or furniture but Cars…yep…hate myself for it.

  3. I have sometimes done a 12 month no interest on a couple items. I do not regret it because it keeps my money in savings. Are you 100 percent debt free now Dana? That is wonderful.

  4. Ortho for both of our kiddos teeth. Our Ortho took total amount and just divided the payments out without interest, but cannot wait until it's all paid off in December.

  5. I bought a sectional sofa a couple weeks ago. I had my eye on it for quite a while. The people that worked there thought I was crazy for wanting to pay cash. It was hilarious. They tried so hard to sell me on their financing.

  6. My family is still wearing down our well-worn sofa, but Habitat Restore is a great place for inexpensive replacements. We got 2 matching two-cushion sofas for $25 each.

  7. Not something i have financed by my beauty parlor offers finace through zip pay! I thought this was crazy but apparently heaps of people use it.

  8. I bought cars used, all cash, and new, financed. But the rationalization was what amount of time do you want to invest in maintaining a car. Nowadays, I only finance a car for 0 interest. That's a no-brainer. If you budget, why not?

  9. If I didn’t take out my student loan I wouldn’t have had my degree that pays double my husbands manual labour job and there would have been few ok paying jobs for me. My job also has benefits and with type one diabetes I need s job with benefits which many don’t have. If I didn’t take out the loan and get this I would be low income for life and there would be no easy way for me to work while going to school or per saving on low income

  10. We know our daughter needs braces. It's NO surprise; the dentist has been warning us for a couple of years. Saving for it. And if you pay cash, there is a 10% discount. Yahoo!!

  11. Know people who financed entire house full of furniture for 24 months interest free. Hurricane Katrina destroyed all of it. They owed on furniture they no longer owned plus the insurance company depreciated it down to nothing. Most went out and financed entire house full again so they owe twice.

  12. Years ago (10-12 at least) my ex-husband and I bought "top of the line" smoke alarms for a house we were renting using the company's financing options. I don't know why exactly but my ex really pushed hard to talk me into it, and I caved. Not my proudest moment. What doesn't kill you teaches you valuable life lessons, right?

  13. Computer, vacation…the last outrageous thing was our fence…for our dogs. Oh and smart phones, you have an option to finance them now which is basically the new contract. Our cell phone bill was $150 a month for just 2 phones! So we bought out the phones, cancelled the plan, and now buy minutes and mainly use Facebook for messaging, sending pics/videos to family, etc and Google Hangouts to make calls to save out minutes 😉

  14. Tire shops often have an arrangement with a finance company. Tools for my job, pay every week just like at Rent-a-Center. Tax Attorney to defend IRS demand (LOL)

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