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POPxo Team Shares Their Crazy Beauty Confessions – POPxo Beauty

Welcome to the brand new episode of Beauty Confessions! It is absolutely true that every woman at some point has done really gross things when it comes to makeup. In today’s video, the Popxo Team will be sharing their secret beauty stories. One of the stylists revealed that she used saliva to set her brows’!?

There’s more where that came from. Check out the video for the most funny and bizarre stories you’ve ever heard!

Do share your beauty confessions in the comment session below.

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  1. i had a craze to thread my eyebrows myself and this stupid me then…took a blade and started doing brows. it was turning out good unless i got a cut on my nose and that my mom calls me supernekhaa till date

  2. I am in my 20s…which anti aging face serum i should use wchich includes retinol in it? Can i use lakme youth infinity range? Does it work?

  3. Goodness..Sakshi Budhiraja's confessions were the best/worst..And she indeed is brave..!! But seriously proud of u Sakshi..!! And all the others, of course, especially Upalina's bleaching one..!! Good work, keep it up..
    But please, spare some of your wisdom to Roshni, so that she can get better, not worse in the Crush and Crash episodes..

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