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  1. We have loads of these in Sheffield fat cunts smashing 800mg test on there first ever day in gym aha craazzyyyy man. And on top of that they smash beer and coke at weekend.

  2. The way you base ur arguments is quite funny. Just because somebody is not feining for something means its not addictive? Look im with you in the legalize steroids and weed camp. And hell there is others that need to be legalized as well just saying ur agreements are not the best.

  3. I was on a forum where guys were asking why they aren't seeing gains after taking roids for, get this, around a couple of months. I how fucking lazy and stupid are some of these people.

  4. It's likely the young guy you're talking about will need TRT for the rest of his life if he doesn't do it right. I've seen it before. More concerned with how they will look in 8 weeks time as apposed to 8 years time. They don't take the time to learn the things you really should know before making the jump.

  5. Would be really interesting to see some vids about your personal experience with gear, current cycle etc. I know you had some in the past but cant find em anymore. Thanks for the content man keep it up really entertaining.

  6. Portugal decriminalized all drugs and they are doing great. Turn a bad situation into a good one. They turned recovery into a financial system where people can work in recovery. People from all over the world work in these places.

  7. LOL… I look nothing like you.. ya fucking monkey looking ugly bitch… I get plenty of bitches and if u were smart, u'd know that I don't want to divulge my real identity.. but nah you drive trucks and aren't even attractive.. motherfucker, get it in your fucking head " YOU ARE UGLY"… but it's okay, keep living in your fantasy world that bitches want your monkey looking ugly face…checkmate.

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