After Episode 1 of Dragon Ball Heroes How Do You Feel About It?!






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  1. i actually really like it and don’t think at at all its wasted potential because after all its just for fun and to promote the game 🙂

  2. Ever time SSJ 4 is on-screen it's a win for me. Easily my favorite thing from Dragon Ball and I am not even a Goku fan but SSj4 is God like!!

  3. Also I love how some of you people are using the "it's a promotional anime" excuse to justify a garbage product, when almost every anime today is a promotional for mangas/light novels/visual novels,etc.

  4. I really wouldn't mind waiting more time for longer episodes later on, the quality definitely seems serious enough from what saw to turn out potentially well as a side series

  5. Just off the title: Its 1 episode and only 7 minutes. What is there to hate?
    The cons I can say is the episode felt rushed and they used the worst dragon ball heroes song out there.

    Xeno Goku ftw. Can't wait to see what Cumber can do tho.

  6. The only difference between Xeno Goku and normal Goku is that Xeno Goku has fought the foes in the movies and has not trained with Whis? So instead of SSJB its SSJ4 right or am I wrong

  7. I'm not sure what accent you are trying to impersonate but if it's Australian/ English i would like to ask you not to its offensive to me i just moved to the States and my accent becomes irritating when everyone wants to impersonate it

  8. No it ain't, it's trash, never make fan service anime a reality lol it's ridiculous. What's next ss 5 Pan vs ss 7 Bula ? LOL

  9. Hey Hippopotamus, Hulk will SMASH your galaly goof goof ash to da ground. Stop talking about tis trashhh.

  10. at least the art and animation are very good ! 🙂
    and there is no argue that zeno Goku is much much cooler than our GOku. I would prefer Zeno GOku to be canon. And no matter how hard the weebs are typing on their keyboards… SSJ4 is much cooler than SSB !

  11. I agree. Not wasting my time & resources trying to see this. I look at this and I think about Transformers The Prime Wars Trilogy.

  12. Too bad DBS didn't take place after GT. I would've gave Goku "two set of transformations" the first one being "the Saiyan transformations" with SSJ1, SSJ2, SSJ3 and SSJ4. And for the second set, it would've been the "God transformations" with God mode, SSJB , ultra instinct and mastered ultra instinct. I just don't really like the fact that Super kind of ignored GT. Also, I would like my Goku to be able to turn ssj4.

  13. lol "potential"…ran Dragonball into the ground. Same gonna happen to One Piece when that shit ends.

  14. Hey Guys, I recently bought a japanese 3DS with Ultimate Mission 2 and X, but i cant find any translations for the story anywhere, just a few summaries would be cool, and i cant imagine noone did this so far?
    Google can translate the cards on the official Website at least, so its playable Of course, but i would like to know a bit about the story.
    Would be greatly appreciated, enjoy your weekends guys!

  15. @forneverworld… why wasnt the obvious issue addressed between xeno goku and "our goku" about ssj4? I mean that is a pretty big change in transformation in my opinion. I was just curious as to why they never addressed that or even that Vegeta was never like Kakarot WTF happened this is a completely new transformation i demand to know how to achieve this to possibly surpase you?! Please help to explain this huge plot hole.

  16. Ssj4 Goku is still the best looking and best acting Goku by far! Other than that Dragon ball heroes episode 1 was garbage. The only good part was when Goku and Vegeta were sparring against Whis. Also it was too fucking obvious that dude name Fu is the villain.

  17. I have 2 dragon ball questions. Did that trailer for the super movie state he can't do ultra. If it is. Does that make vegeta the strongest fighter now that he has controlled SSG BLUE 2 vegeta.

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