Rant vs Livestream which is better? you decide!

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  1. With livestreams you probably wouldn't have to worry about the chat going too fast because it would be based upon number of people. You need around 1k watching I would say before it becomes a problem but then you can set time delay on your chat.

    I would agree with your assessment. Personlly I like the interaction of livestreams but without a lot of subs it might be difficult to get enough people.

    Of course with livestreams too you can get money from the viewers of which youtube takes most.

  2. I really like rants. Please do that about science fiction or some technical topic or whatever related. I would watch that.

  3. Hey Dude, hit me up if you like a german perspective for a stream. i can give you a few pointers for OBS usage as well. greetz and keep it up i enjoy your stuff very much.

  4. Rant live stream leads to too many dumb live opinions seen it too many times on YouTube trolls come out in droves for this…

  5. All I know is that Luke was great, Rey is not a Mary Sue, and SWTLJ is the greatest movie ever and I must watch it again and again and again…

  6. Rant… And stop posting on weekends… TLJ is subverting your free time.
    Keep in mind live streaming will become a video on demand and VOD's don't offer as much value as scripted vid's where you can hone a message or analysis.
    If you do Livestreaming, all I ask is that you don't let the livestream interrupt how you put out the VOD's. I don't live in the same country as you… I think… and I don't live on youtube so any livestream you do, I at the very least won't be there, but I will be there for the video of a livestream which won't be as well scripted and planned as a VOD, and I'll definitely be around to see more objective critiques where you've had time to put thought into what you say…Just my two cent's… pence… shilling's… you get the idea.

  7. Personally, I prefer the rant over the live stream. I like to hear ones fully articulated opinion in a finished form, while live streams there is lots of reiteration.

    …now, if you set up a live stream discussion and have certain people involved from the start, such as Lore Reloaded, it can make for an interesting watch…. but over all, I like the full response video, or "rant" better, in the same way I like my facts in point form first, and the explanation afterward. -'J

  8. Maybe a round table discussion or interview?

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could donate weed through Patreon?

  9. I don't have a computer, so I wouldn't be able to join any stream. I suppose that makes my opinion invalid. I'm such a shit.

  10. Livestream could be cool as long as you upload it later. Lore isn't doing anything right now so he could help with the tech side. 😉
    I'm also down for more rants.

  11. An occasional Livestream would be pretty cool! For the first one, I suggest you just open up the floodgates – any and all sci-fi shows or movies.

  12. try live streaming then if it doesn't work rant about it not working, JK. In all seriousness though, try live streaming first. if you don't get the audience or have some technical difficulties that prevent you then revert to option B rant.

  13. Thanks for the consideration. Please consider the non tech savy people who may have problems when viewing a Live Stream. Maybe a video on how to insure a good viewing experience. You could then set up a schedule, etc..

  14. Rather than paint yourself into a corner with using a particular format for Sundays maybe leave it open to doing anything? Something a kin to how Bethesda & google employees/devs have a day or half a day to do whatever. So if someone reaches out to you to do a collaboration, Sunday's your go to day. Want to cover something that doesn't fit the channel but you want to talk about it, drop your 'Bronies top 10 cattle'(or whatever) on a Sunday. Want to do a live stream, your sunday oddball day could be the idle slot. Or if you don't feel like doing a live stream on a particular sunday, don't and drop whatever or nothing that week.

    Though not having a clearer plan and structure does make things harder from a creative and particularly production POV. If you've a lot of topics & interests, decisiveness tends to be the bigger hurdle. Hell you could throw up a strawpoll.com and just blame the viewers for picking the topic/theme of that weeks sunday show on them if it ends up not being that great a show/event.

    Now to answer your question more directly. Personally not a big fan of livestreams, we've all got shit to do and splitting the participants in your community between those whom participated and those whom voyeur on past events they've missed or were excluded from rarely did anything for me beyond wonder why I should care.
    That said, the biggest complaint I've got about livestreams is actually not about them being live, but the 'shoot from the hip' and 'wish upon a star topics and depth materialize 'approach they often end up taking.

  15. Livestreams make way more money, but rants are usually better content. So, money vs quality. Up to you man.

  16. Either works for me. I say mix it up-do rants one week, maybe livestreams the next? This way there's less potential for burnout and it's a good way to test and see which works better for everyone concerned. Or just take a nice little break. Maintaining sanity with a day off is pretty nice too.

  17. I like rants, but I think I would like the livestream better.
    But Poe Territory has a point. Are you sure you want to do this on Sunday?

  18. Live stream is like talk radio without the required station identifiers. Your current content is great, can sprinkle in some other stuff similar to this deep cut from the vaults. https://youtu.be/V3WihaF5d48

    Maybe that's the next thing, make you go to the movies every Sunday and a 2 min off the cut review. LoL

  19. Michael, you are the Rant Master! Love your classic "take no prisoners" style. However, your live stream proposal would be a great time for me to join everyone online. I'm agreeable to both ideas.

  20. I say "please do not do the live stream" – I got rid of my television, because I didn't want to be tied down to a broadcast time.

    What you could do, is answer questions from emails – like you suggested. This lets you do something like a live stream without the terrible limited time window thing. The questions are a great way to get a topuc to rant on for the rest of the time.

  21. Hopeful about Lore's future. Are livestream's becoming dangerous for YT creators?
    Oh, and or me livestream's need 2 things a SUBJECT and a GUEST to talk to so you aren't "just" answering our idiotic questions. Hope you enjoy whatever you decide.

  22. Clicked on today's video "User has blocked access."
    Okay, I thought, must be early access for patreon subs – good on them.
    Click on it a few hours later "Disney has removed video for copyright infringement"
    Hey Youtube, one lie is always more believable than two.

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