Rant: Why Niche Snobs SUCK!!!

You know the people I’m talking about. They love to parade around the community with their air of superiority and laugh at the peasants who dwell in the fragcomm basement wearing all the stuff that sits well below their lofty standards. Here’s what I think about niche snobs and why they suck. Thanks for watching!!

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  1. I wish more peoole opened up to ANY kind of fragrance. FROM Bargain Bin to Vintage to modern Designer, Independent or niche..theres something that will be special for you and that will make it priceless to you. I feel Scentsory Overloaded!!!!!!!!!! Nej is the Man for Pres..see what I did there???????

  2. The only sane path is to encounter every olfactory experience on its own terms, as an individual. That’s authenticity. The beauty of fragrance is it’s beyond you, beyond self, in the moment.

    Peacocking happens when you drag the poor molecules along in the sillage of you ego. Ah yes, the intricacies of tribe and culture.

    The perils of putting your creations out into the world! All there is to do, is to make your work not even brilliant but GENUINE. Therein lies the integrity of a maker, a pong artiste.

  3. Ohhhh niche snobs. Gotta love the hate that they can shoot out toward designers and cheaper frags for literally no reason.

  4. Concur 100%. These individuals have been around since early Basenotes era. 1999. They’re the worst of the bunch. Basically just another variety of troll looking for a reaction. Completely worthy of being disregarded with no credibility whatsoever.

  5. I have a sample of roja dove and I have $10 bottle of Jean Marc Paris from ross and just quess which one smells better to me, like I said TO ME. Great video✌

  6. The sad part is that they can't even differentiate between niche and designer in terms of smell! The best way to help them out of that snobbery is to encourage them to play the BFL Game- Is it niche or designer? They'll sober up, hopefully…hey Carlos! … This is the kind of message we need in the community, thank you!

  7. Sometimes i think they have to justify why they spent so much money on bottles that are quite frankly, average scents.

  8. I completely agree. I never understood the, “I know this smells horrible, but it’s expensive, so I love it.” mentality. Everyone gets to enjoy whatever fragrances they want to. Cost means nothing.

  9. Huge thumb up for you for making this video Rick, Supporting you all the way my friend. Take care.

  10. hi there rick, it's quite simple really. You know the saying more money than sense, that says it all

  11. Couldn’t agree more brother. I’ve wanted to leave those groups so many times after seeing comments and posts from snobs but the only reason I stay is for the good deals on bottles. A lot of it is probably insecurity like you said. Can’t help but laugh at them honestly

  12. Loved every second of this vid, as real and honest as it gets. Wish I could participate more, but I live a bit vicariously through the groups and love all the friends I made and I see everything you're pointing out. Straight talk from a super cool guy. Thanks Rick!

  13. I hate when people share their collection with the groups and then a niche snob comes on and shits on their collection because 90% of their collection are designers. That’s so low.

  14. I cannot agree more with you. There are some great niche fragrances and designer fragrances. I buy based on what I love to smell.

  15. Amen Brother. If it smells good I couldn't care less if it's cheap or not, if it's designer or niche, if it's a women's fragrance or not, I'm wearing it.

  16. There's a few reviewers who are real snobs but I will not mention any names. I've been around for a long time so I've seen it ALL.

  17. I love niche, but also designers. To be honest, my family tends to like the designers a bit better and designers tend to get the most compliments (and some niche too). Only negative reactions I've had have been from niche. Niche only snobs are just contrarians. Some people need to feel superior.

  18. The truth is somewhere in between to be honest.There are clowns from BOTH SIDES-viewers and reviewers.You do have a lot of valid points , but you said a lot of bull too.
    Personally i don't care AT ALL about other's people opinion-fragrances,clothes,shoes and so on.That's why i'm my own boss cince i was 21.I'm an alpha and i'll never work for someone else.I wear what i like,when i want.I do have over $700 fragrances and i also have $11 fragrances.I don't care for the price-all i care is to like the smell on me.I don't have a problem buying $700 fragrances i like-because i can,but at the same time i don't have a problem wearing 360 Red , Nautica Voyage or some Armaf fragrances.I love both.I don't care about compliments at all-if someone likes my fragrance,shoes or watch-nice,but if he doesn't…don't care.
    Buying something … just because it's expensive is beyond idiotic.There are guys buying expensive fragrances,clothes,shoes,watches and so on…they don't even like …just to show off.And to offend someone else for not having money to buy niche…that's low….no-beyond low.Those are idiots to me , and addressing them on this video what right thing to do-100%.
    And here comes quite a few big "but" points.
    1.Why don't you address the niche haters too-both viewers and reviwers? There are tons om imbeciles hating and sh…g on EVERY niche video,on every niche fragrance on Fragrantica,Basenotes and so on…Every top 10/20 niche video gets TONS of hate , and some reviewers are hiding thumbs up and down buttons , just like they are doing it on DUA/Alexandria videos …
    2.Why don't you address the reviwers talking about how you should wear mostly designer fragrances even if you HATE them , but you get compliments wearing them…WTF… That's mind boggling to me,but there are too much insecure guys believing bulls like "I only spray what ladies say" …
    3."Not impressing anybody,you're not wining anybody over" Why do you presume that all guys need to impress,or to win someone else ???? I most certainly don't ,and a lot of other guys too.
    4."The feeling of exclusivity and feeling special" What's wrong with that? You do realise that most of the new niche and indie houses you love and review … that came …lets say last 5-6 years were found JUST because of the huge hunger for fragrances that are different,and do not smell like 150 frags before them with just a 5-10% twist? Went to a concert last week and like 80% of the guys oversprayed with Sauvage and Dylan Blue.Smelled Sauvage on at least 200 guys-no joke! Just because you don't want to smell like everybody else does NOT mean you don't have appreciation for fragrance.Also there are millions of examples for people paying for exclusivity -Elysium is not 6 times better than Sauvage, Rolex watches are not 50 times better than Invicta watches,Lamborgini Aventador is not 8 times better than Z06 , * Michelin star restaurants do NOT serve 10-20 times better food.Customers of those brands are paying for better quality,but mostly for "The feeling of exclusivity and feeling special" or according to your logic Rolex owners do not have appreciation for watches…
    5.If a guy only buys niche does this makes him a snob? Or what you said earlier "Do the hobbie the way that makes you happy, then you're doing it right" is not ment for those guys.
    6.Lets face the 100% fact-not all , but most non-frag head niche haters is hating because they just can't afford buying niche-niche frags,niche watches,niche cars and so on.99.9% of those guys will never wear Sauvage,or Invicta watches ever again, if they start making money for Elysium or Rolex.

  19. I agree with a lot of what you said, but it goes both ways bud, for example if someone posts that they acquired an Aventus bottle, someone always come out telling him how dumb he is because he paid all that money when he could of bought, CDNMI, or why pay for ELYSIUM when you can get Supernova? crap like that. i own and love niche and designers and try not to get into petty scuffles to each their own.

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