Rant : WWE Brand Split Needs To End (Dual-Branded PPVs)

wwe announced that ppvs will be featuring both brands starting at backlash

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  1. End the brand split and cancel SmackDown altogether. Fire half the roster. Cancel 205 Live and keep a few of midgets who're actually good and fire the rest. We don't need a wrestling show everyday of a week.

  2. The brand split was a bad idea anyway two crappy shows with no stars or anything "smackdown is the better show" smh bull crap.

  3. The brand split was simply made to milk the crap out of the fans, nothing more.
    SD was and still is crap, no matter what its fake fanboys say.
    Just reunite the two brands and make better story lines, is that too much to ask for?

  4. I agree, you were right when the brand split was announced, it limits the amount of matches they can come up with and you get stuck with the same matches every week. There's a big list of people they could get rid of, all these people are expendable.
    Tye Dillenger
    Titus Oneil
    Apollo Crews
    Primo and Epico
    Maria and her husband don't even know his name
    Dana Brook
    Aiden English
    Curtis Axel
    Curt Hawkins
    David Otunga
    Fandango and Tyler Breeze
    Heath Slater
    Bo Dallas
    Both the guys from Ascension
    Gallows and Anderson can go also, they are amounting to nothing
    I didn't mention the cruiserweights because they can stay on the 205 live show on the network but the grand majority of them are nobodies on the main show. It would be easier to compose a list of people to keep.

  5. I'm sure they are doing this dual thing, so that Roman Reigns can fight in all matches and be on TV the whole show lol

  6. Why do wwe fans bitch about everything lmao, UFC shows are 6 hours and they don't bitch. OH FUCK MAN THE BRAND SPLIT IS ENDING!!! I CAN'T WATCH ASCENSION VS FASHION POLICE ON PPV ANYMORE!!! FUCK WWEEEE

  7. They should have only 6 ppvs a year every two months have Royal Rumble, Survivor series, SummerSlam, WrestleMania, Money in the bank, and Clash of champions.

  8. This is a good idea actually. Originally No Way Out 2007 was the last branded PPV until 2016 but the roster was still divided up until 2011 (2012 I guess because you had Cena and Punk etc. on Raw and Sheamus and Bryan etc. on SmackDown). But yeah just because the brand PPVS are ending it doesn't mean the roster should merge into one big roster. Still keep them dividing and just have all the Raw and SmackDown matches take place at one time on one PPV

  9. Jdfomny206 is such a hypocritical, self absorbed, thin-skinned, idiot who thinks he knows everything, but knows nothing. He constantly pays lip service to his fans giving him money at the start of videos, but then proceeds to block them if they even slightly disagree with him. Wasn't he protesting AGAINST the brand split when it happened? Now he's screaming like a jackass because it's ending. What a moron.

  10. JDFromNY206 is literally the basic anti wwe fan he is short,probably smelly,lives in a apartment,loves new Japan,loves Kenny Omega etc. I think JD is a closet queer

  11. they should get rid of the brand split all together it limits the feuds you can have ok your having no more dual ppvs but how are those guys build their feud before the ppv it doesn't make sense

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