[Season 3] For Honor All Combat Translations

Yeah, it includes gladiator and highlander, as well as some corrections from season 2 and extras.

Special thanks to pEW pEW:

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  1. I'm scottish and from the highlands. it's Dunmahglass. the literal meaning is touch not the cat unless you are wearing a glove. pretty much means don't challenge me unless you're ready. i'm no means fluent and the translations are all good, but your interpretation of the words and how they are spelt are mostly wrong. for example Tayder is not a word at all. and the Ya sound is not spelt as such in Scot's gaelic. might have to try harder man. find a native speaker and get them to transcribe it to prevent stuff like that happening again.

  2. Great video but what I don't understand is why there was no on-screen translation for what Will Smith said at the end?

  3. Apparently Glad has another voice line when he stabs at your feet. The closest thing I could hear was "Demisse mane te".
    I tried asking my Latin teacher and the closest translation he could get out of it was "Get your hands off me."

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