Selena Gomez SLAMMED For Lip-Syncing During 2017 AMAs “Wolves” Performance

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Selena Gomez makes her epic return to the stage with a heart stopping performance of Wolves at the 2017 American Music Awards

Talk about a comeback, because Selena just proved nothing can slow her down.

All eyes were on Selena Gomez tonight at the American Music Awards. As if she didn’t already wow on the red carpet, debuting a brand new blonde ‘do, Selena really had everybody’s attention with her highly anticipated performance of her latest single, Wolves, featuring Marshmello.

Dressed in a silky cream slip, Selena began the song crawling across the stage amidst the scene of a car accident. Her look, complete with fake blood on her legs and face, really set the tone for a seriously intense, gripping performance.

This also marks Selena’s first LIVE performance in over a year, and also since she revealed to the world that she secretly received a kidney transplant from her best friend, Francia Raisa, this past summer. Selena took to her Instagram this week to tease her performance with a video of her singing a snippet of Wolves, along with a caption that read QUOTE

“My first performance in over a year.. the AMAs have been a place where I’ve shared some of my most intimate moments. Heart wants what it wants, after treatment and now Wolves. This Sunday.”

It’s safe to say Selena is back and ready to dominate, yet still as humble as ever, proven by a sweet shrug as she thanked the audience as her performance came to an end.

And unsurprisingly, the internet had a whole lot to say about Sel’s comeback, with most so happy to see our girl back and slaying the stage once again. Still, her performance is also receiving backlash, with some accusing the singer of lip-syncing to a pre-recorded track, rather than singing her song LIVE.

Whether or not she was lip-syncing will remain a mystery, but what’s evident is how beautifully artistic her performance was, beginning to end.

Now it’s time for you all to weigh in with your thoughts on Sel’s performance so drop it down in the comments. Then you can click right here to check out Selena’s brand new look, and of course, make sure you hit that subscribe button. Thanks so much for tuning in, I’m Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you all back here soon on Clevver News.

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  1. You know what, who gives a shit if she's lip syncing. There COULD be a reason why she's doing it. She could be sick! AND might not wanted to disappoint her fans by calling out on her performance! #SelenaGomezFOREVER I love you babygirl you're amazing. <3

  2. If she lip sync that song wtf is wrong its still her voice beleive me its not nicki minaj or katy perry or justin bieber voice duuuuuuhhh IDK DOSE COMENTS are freaking me out its idiot dude

  3. Why do people eve care if Selena Gomez is lip syncing!! I mean, everyone lip syncs so why are u targeting Selena Gomez. She is a beautiful singer even if she is lip syncing or not!!

  4. 0:52 You can clearly see that she dropped her mic but lyrics were going on.
    I like her but no she isn't best of all. She's average but with higghhhhhhh number of fans coz of her beauty.
    considering her medical conditions I feel bad but I she shouldn't be acting like she anything like that.

  5. The hell?! Is it too much to admit that she has a unique and really amazing voice? She is gifted… It doesn't mean she was lip syncing… Stop making rumors about celebrities. They are just people who are doing their best and have achieved an unusual amount, but they too have feelings. So stop underestimating them because they are a blessing to this world…

  6. Pls stop saying fake things like ariana wish he fans die now selena lip synced who freaking care she is a singer to sing man she is not doing musically

  7. she needs to really , really , step away from show business for a while . I m convinced she does not have a clear view of what type of performer she is. she simply is falling back too much . I can see her being a rich mans wife with five kids , but thats it. sorry some had to say it. i chose to be that person.


  9. No fandom is like selenators, they dont bash other celebrities unless their fans shade selena and as you can see most of the comments says bad things about her and selenators are bieng kind and wise so they ignore those comments and still haters tells bad things and mostly arianators, I have been seeing selena haters and most of them are arianators (TheBitchArianatorsonly). You basic bitches trying to compare selena to ariana and why duh Fuck do you evem compare her to ariana and you keep saying she cant sing well FYI she can but she doesnt have the same voice with ariana and thats a normal thing and you stupid 2nd grade trying hard copycat people make it a big deal as if selena is the only singer who cant hit high notes or doesn't have high voice. And you immigrants are below dirt, you act like ariana is the best but just to let you know there are people who has soothing and clear voices than ariana so stop acting like you dont know that so stop bashing Selena cause there are more than people who love her than ariana!!!

  10. Hey what's the matter in lip sync cause she sang that song before in her own voice and she and a kidney transplant

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