Shack Up Vs. Marriage – Dave Ramsey Rant

Shack Up Vs. Marriage
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  1. yeah, um my parents did all that… we were in poverty.. no, just making it yes. And I know other people who followed all those things(graduate high school, wait to get married, have a kid after 20) and they are POOR. maybe not poverty, but POOR. So if you are so smart, got a solution to that? Oh and by the by, I have 2 degrees… 2… and my job still got shipped overseas. So, sorry, but education and skills don't mean crap anymore

  2. While I agree with this, and the stats are true. The thing that is daunting as a man is seeing what happens to men who end up getting divorced. A friend of my father just got divorced because his wife was not happy. He was 65 and did concrete for a living. She took everything including his retirement. His back, knees, and shoulders are all shot. So what is he going to do now? Die in poverty I suppose. I believe marriage is great when the gov't isn't involved waving a gun around. Get them out of the business of splitting up families and I would be happy to sign up. A successful marriage my be high reward but it is a minefield out there for men.

  3. i read your book. it has helped me and enjoy your stuff, BUT! here’s my question. why do we need a piece of paper from uncle sam to tell us we are married. the bible speaks of marriage but why cant we just “give to caesar what belongs to caesar” and keep marriage to ourselves. you dig? the bible does not say that we must intertwine our tax forms and sign here and deduct this and do that. as far as im concerned, marriage is between me, my wife and God. marriage is in our hearts. u dig. i would like to keep uncle sam out of my bedroom. but God bless brother.

  4. Every married man I know has told me “never get married.” Remember, men age like a fine wine, and women age like milk. Don’t fall for the trap gentlemen, women are only hot for 8-10 years of their life.

  5. Courts can't do as much damage to you when your not married or living together for an extended period of time. I totally get why many do not want to get married anymore. I would never consider it again after what happened to me after my divorce. Can't blame people when the government is raping them in the system.

  6. Marriage mathematically is nothing more than a written contract binding assets between two people. The person who has more assets going in is the one most at risk.

  7. Didn't even watch the whole video yet but the arrangement of marriage is NOT the problem, it's the people IN the marriage thats the problem. if people were as dedicated to their marriage as their career, social media etc there would be ALOT less divorce. You have a manual for everything in order for that product perform at an optimal level.  We have the blueprint for marriage success created by the Creator and don't follow it. Makkes no sense.

  8. I'd lose money if I got married soooo i'm good. I'll take having my A.A. paid for. I'd probably lose a lot of my grants and he can't afford to pay it out of pocket and I can't afford to pay for it out of pocket. There is no benefit for me and I don't have kids either.

  9. Actually Dave here is how it works in the ghetto…1. get girlfriend2. get pregnant, but don't go on the birth certificate (father)3. get all the state aid you can as a single parent ie food and housing but have the father in the house raising the child (one big happy family)4. when child gets older adopt 5. laugh all the way to the bank

  10. Marriage wise , there is NOTHING in it for a man. Horrible deal. You cheat ,you lose. She cheats you lose . The full responsibility financially always falls on the man. Stay single. Accumulate wealth. Travel without having to put up with some used up feminist.

  11. all these statistics and studies and Dave says all the time "The number one cause of divorce in North America is money fights and money problems." i thought taking FPU as a couple and getting on the same page financially greatly improved marriages and dramatically reduced divorce rate, whether couples lived together before marriage or not

  12. Tall people are in the NBA, therefore if we put short people in the NBA, they'll get taller.

    High IQ people are in college, therefore if we put stupid people in college, they'll become smarter.

  13. Dave Ramsey,thank for making an impact in our life. I just wanted to ask you if you can say hi to my wife. Is going to be our anniversary the 18 her name is ana palma and I'm jimmy Palma. God bless u.

  14. Statistics are not always available to everyone. So the statement wouldn't benefit everyone. So the passion behind it only works if everyone can hear it.

  15. If someone doesn't want to be poor, follow these three simple things:
    Graduate high school.
    Get married before making babies. (Staying married after making babies helps a lot.)
    Get and keep a job, any job. Go to work.

  16. I have an issue with the correlation = causation type of analysis… The types of people who have children before 20 and are not married aren't the type of people to get college degrees and quality jobs. It's true that married people who have children later will end up in a better financial situation, but they started out with great values and probably a great family support.

  17. Does anyone have a link to these stats? Or the paper on the 3 things that keep you outta poverty from the 90's? I would like to print them of and give them to some people.

  18. Why bother getting married %70 marriage end in 5 years anyways a girlfriend you pay daily and wife get paid in the end of marriage so if you guys want to lose half of your money and your house go ahead get married if you get prenup and she marry you she really loves you

  19. Well, I don't usually like to use the term, "Social Justice." I think that that term implies collective guilt and collective victim-hood. I believe in justice on an individual basis. I would rather call marriage a societal asset or a benefit to society rather than a social justice imperative.

  20. Marriage back in the day was understandable, but today it is just a complete scam. It is a money generating industry, you lose tons of money in divorce (more than 50% divorce). Why would anyone want to get married?

  21. I am 100% for marriage. Do you think the reason so many people are "shacking up" is because they don't want to loose their food stamps or children's benefits? Just something I wonder…

  22. I say this as someone who followed this sequence and is quite happy with the results:

    The things that made me successful in my career, largely including the ability to delay gratification and the value of learning as a way of making myself a better person, are key to why my marriage is so strong. Simply getting married would not have caused me to gain these qualities or values, especially if that marriage were forced on me by societal pressure.

    On the flip side, the decline of manufacturing and mining jobs means that men who are on the losing side of economic trends just don't have much to offer that would cause women to link their futures together long-term. Fundamental to marriage (at least as I've experienced it) is the vision you have for better days to come, and if that isn't reality (and it ISN'T for an increasing cross-section of society), people tend to become a lot more short-sighted.

    So, as much as I love being married and believe it is the best thing that's ever happened to me, I don't buy Dave's argument that pressuring people to marry will help anything.

  23. It just makes sense….and it creates a bigger mess when you separate when you shack up. If I can marry a good God fearing that would be my preference and then have children. I recognize that I couldnt afford a child as a single person.

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