Should (or could) Aaron Schlossberg be disbarred for his racist rant? An analysis.

A little while ago, I experienced the unique displeasure of Aaron Schlossberg as opposing counsel for a very brief period. I analyze whether he could or should be disciplined or disbarred under the NY Rules of Professional Conduct.

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  1. his clients can decide whether or not they want to retain him. They don't need to be told what to do by the state.

  2. was what he said really considered racist? i mean, he's stupid, it's not a law or anything that i know of that a business needs to speak english, but him being mad about them not speaking his language is racist? if he has such a problem with it, if he were smart, he would just go to a different restaurant. but what he said made him racist? i'm just afraid of watering that word down…

  3. Trump is a fascist, yet liberals are the one who wants to kick lawyers off the bar because of his personal opinions. That's some insane shit.

  4. None of this matters. New York Post called NY Bar Asso. and they've never heard of Aaron Schlossberg. He's not a member. He's kinda screwed now.

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