Should You Ever Finance A MATTRESS?!?! – Dave Ramsey Rant

Should You Ever Finance A MATTRESS?!?! – Dave Ramsey Rant

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  1. I have a car loan, and im trying to remove someone off the title so i can refinance it. The title is my name AND her name and i cant get her to communicate to get her off of it. Ive paid the whole thing myself so far. Its my ex from years ago and ive had no luck getting her to go with the process. Its 483/month with 17% interest. I owe 13k still on it. Anyone know how i can remove her even tho its in both our names? I got approved for a refinance but they cant go all the way thru until shes off of it.

  2. I paid $5000 for my temper pedic mattress last year and it’s one of the best this I ever bought. But of course I never been in debt and I always pay cash.

  3. I don't need to watch this video to know what dave or any other sensible person has to say on that matter(ess)

  4. Welp, I'm 26 and at 19 I bought a mattress for $3000 and it was the floor sample, hence the great deal. I am definitely not going to sleep on a $500 mattress. One sleep for 1/3 of their lifetime or 25 years if you live to 75 yrs old so its important to get something of good quality. 10k is bit extra but something between $2500 – 6000 is practical. & DON'T come for me, it's my opinion and I am an expert on my opinion

  5. So as a mattress salesperson, I can say there are very few mattresses that could run this amount, even in the Tempur Pedic world. Handmaid Airlooms maybe. Knocking the price of this though is as foolish saying you should never buy an Alfa Romeo. Most of us won't buy it, but don't assume it's stupid. It's about buying it the right way.

  6. That's stupid. First I've never seen a tempurpedic mattress for that. I've seen $3k. Still stupid. You can find really good comfortable mattress for $1k or less.

  7. I've slept on many cheap mattresses and they all had my back hurting. I bought a 5 thousand dollar mattress and I have no back pain so the money was worth it to me. But I also have no debt so I'm good

  8. I have literally never paid a penny for a mattress ever.  People GIVE AWAY high-end mattresses all the time.

  9. you people are crazy where did you grow up? i would never spend more then 100 dollars on a mattress and if i couldnt find one that cheap i would sleep on a sleeping bag on the floor. do you even know how to count? jesus christ i thought i had a bad upbringing atleast i know how to count.

  10. The mattress industry figured they could go way upscale with their products and offer financing. If there was no way to finance the purchase the price would decrease dramatically. This principle also applies to college and pickup trucks.

  11. Idk, my parents made out pretty well when we financed out furnace for 15 years 0%. It was literally a $50 payment every month. Eventually my mom got tired of keeping track of the payment and just paid it off.

  12. I literally got a mattress ad when I started this video. If you have to ask about a $9300 mattress, you can't afford it.

  13. Im a general manager of a mattress store here in san antonio, tx and we sell tempurpedics as well. If he's being honest then he's getting ripped off for $9,300!!!

  14. Dave , I work with a guy who did JUST this ! I wanted to strangle him , he is a young guy in his 20s and doesn’t have back problems or other medical conditions . . . His excuse was that it’s “ only $125 dollars a month !
    STUPID .

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