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Sick Day Routine: Life Hacks & Activities! Headaches, Stomachache, Sore Throat & More!

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Hello! I’m Mikayla and I make all types of videos about Makeup, Lifestyle, DIY, Makeup Tutorials, Hauls, Life Hacks, Must Haves, Essentials, Fashion, Back to School, Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, Summer, Morning Routines, Night Routines, Expectations vs Reality and so many more!

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  1. I have influenza its great cuz i went to the docter and if you havnt had a influenza test they shove a tube up your nose and the first time they lost it so i had to get a tube shoved up my nose two times like oml dying

  2. I seem to get sick at the weirdest times like it’s New Year’s Eve and I’m sick with something in my stomach and head and I’m dizzy and I was sick on my birthday once and Christmas I’m just unlucky

  3. I feel like if I have a migraine get headaches almost everyday and I get really bad headaches in school which sucks.but thanks for the tips

  4. I'm very sick right now as well as my kids. I recommend Zofran if you're vomiting. You need a prescription for it but ask your mom to call the doctor. Most docs will just call it in. It works wonders and literally is a magic pill.

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