Something is going on at Chelsea RANT!

Something is going on at Chelsea RANT!
Thank you for watching guys, let me know down below all your thoughts, and opinions. KTBFFH 💙⚽️


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  1. I couldn't agree with you more! I have noticed something weird going on with the club since this season started and I thought that when Emenalo left but nothing?!!

  2. I wish Chelsea would say what’s going on! Do you think it’s possible that we could get Zidane?

  3. It's frustrating as a fan but you have to understand not everything in a football club is done just to win trophies, satisfy us and so on, the whole thing with sarri and conte is complicated but long story short chelsea don't wanna pay the money because ancelotti has been hired and sarris clause expires today which means sarri can resign and will have to pay 1.5m cheaper than the 8m chelsea have to pay. It's smart business but ey football fans don't care about finances and business that's why they so upset

  4. Roman put the stadium stuff on hold because he doesn't want to spend 1b on a stadium in a country where he's not permitted to work

  5. Roman will have to apply for citizenship. I guess he's now a political pawn. Conte looks like he's staying. The ground extension will cost way more than originally intended due to the current economy.

  6. Its all a shambles every fucking year its the same we aint getting sarri and no stadium also players.

  7. Pink slips need to be handed out to every board member at Chelsea with Marina being the first to go! Shit is embarrassing!!

  8. I don't think it's too difficult to figure out what's going on, Emma.

    Manager: Looks like we want Sarri. However, he's going to cost us £7m. We are not willing to pay Napoli this, and so the negotiations continue.

    Signings: We won't sign anyone until we get a new manager, period. We have been linked with players though, Lewendowski, for example. But no deals will be made until the manager is in place. hence, you're not hearing anything.

    Stadium: Again, not difficult to work out. The new stadium will cost £1bn. Roman is not willing to spend that kind of money in a country where he cannot work, or even visit. I don't blame him. Blame the government, not Chelsea or Roman. As I commented on your last video, Roman just took Israelli citizenship, which should give him some time, but he's still not going to spend a billion in a country that clearly doesn't want him.

    Easy peasy.

  9. If your Conte in then expect a fair few players to want out……..his contract pay off is the issue ……Abramovich is now an Israeli citizen who can visit the UK 6 months at a time but no business activities…..the stadium is on hold due to the market costs try using the official website if you want something official…..as for transfers most players want to wait until after the World cup USE THE CLUB WEBSITE STOP MOANING WOMAN

  10. Hey Emma was just wondering if you want to making a video on a call with me we should talk about Chelsea other teams and World Cup thanks

  11. Conte is leaving. His compensation package has already been agreed upon. The Sarri deal is the major delay. Sarri is coming. Aurelio Di Laurentis is holding things up. We have contacted transfer targets and it all comes down to the Sarri announcement which will be resolved asap. Roman along with a lot of Russian nationals (600 according to the last report I read) are caught up in the NATO/gulf monarchies/Israel war on Syria. They (NATO & her allies) are putting the squeeze on Russia by attacking Russian businessmen in the west to force Russia to allow the rape of Syria in particular and the middle east in general to proceed uninterrupted. This has been going on for some years now. This visa thing is the latest iteration. Putin announced withdrawal of support from one if their main middle eastern allies Iran in Syria recently, so who knows maybe things will change… With NATOs history of rennaging on agreements, I'm skeptical. Things at the club will hopefully be resolved asap so just be patient.

  12. I'm paying more attention to our goalkeeping situation more than our coaching changes because I know that we could potentially have a new manager before July… But we do need to make signings quickly.

  13. It's not so simple as everyone's thinking.. Why would Roman invest so much money in a country that is denying him access and his own club? Why would Chelsea pay Conte 9m to release him from his duty and pay Napoli 8m ??? We're going back to mid table team so all you plastic guys.. abandon ship now.

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