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Strange Animal Combinations // Random Design Challenge!

Here’s a random creature design challenge! I randomly chose two different animals to combine together.
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  1. Tapowl often spends his time digging through the dirt for insects of all types as well as worms and newly sprouting plants or fruit. He uses his strong wings as a display of dominance and a way to scare off predators. The vibrant colors of his feathers are especially popular in mating season as he preforms an elaborate dance for potential mates. Although he has wings, he does not use them to fly but only to glide. They build nests made of mud and fallen leaves from the floor of thick rainforests. The Tapowl is a curious creature who is quite rare due to predators keeping the population low.

  2. The Bevederd Varken (feathered pig in dutch)

    It Flies into the forest and claws out holes in trees where it then scoops around with its trunk for insects and ants. it can eat leaves as well if needed. this creature is very rare and can only be spotted in the Belgium blue forest.

  3. Meet the Taowpir – An animal known for its ability to be very hard to find or catch. The Taowpir lives in the frigid land of Inuvik where the sun can shine for 56 days consecutively and never set. This is why the wings are a blue colour and the belly reddish orange. The Taowpir uses its colouring to its advantage by being able to camouflage when flying in front of the sun. This does cause some problems for the Taowpir however. The Taowpir is a highly sought out and over hunted creature, meaning that its main goals and instincts are to simply stay alive. This causes the Taowpir to often fly around in circles blocking the sun for absurd amounts of time, leading to fatigue and fainting. As this tactic does not work when it is cloudy or dark out, the Taowpir can instead run on top of any surface without leaving tracks behind due to its large, flat feet. It can even run on snow. This makes it very hard to hunt or locate the Taowpir. In fact, due to the Taowpir's limited amount of sightings, most people do not even believe that this animal exists. Be honest – do you?

  4. It could be like a kiwi and other ground-dwelling birds. Would probably act like a tapir and maybe glid with the wings like dinosaurs. I have no clue what a good name for them would be the only thing I can think of is naming it towl.

  5. This is the Iridescent Snout Glider or Snout Owl. It lives high in the desserts mountains. They cannot fly though they are amazing at gliding and climbing. They eat plants and bugs of all sorts. Skilled trappers are paid by rich farmers to capture them for their farm. One of their feathers is said to cure sickness, although usually used for expensive clothing and dyes. Don't worry they are not killed in the process just pluck a couple feathers a day and they'll be fine.

  6. Towlirs? it sounds nice, also i feel like it wouldnt be able to fly so smoothly, as its wings are kind of stumpy compared to the big body

  7. The Hunchback Trunked Owl:
    They live underground and spend most of their time eating.They are herbivores that live 500 bce.Just like dodo birds, they are enxtinct because of humans. They mostly eat flowers or seeds. People now believe it is a myth or rather become two parts. They (the humans) believe that this creature became two animals which is The Tapir and The Snowy Owl.

    Btw new sub.

  8. It has the feet to be able to carry the heavy weight of the body. It's sense of smell is well developed and it's mating cry is very loud to travel far distances and the cry has created many horror stories and mythologies through times, but the vocal cords are also used in both high pitch when in danger as well as low rumbles for group communications and calling the young without attracting predators which most commonly are large cats, humans, but also larger eagles and some dusk active canines. They breed large group of chicks to compensate being popular on the food chain and easily thrive in many environments, especially in farm environments where there are fruits, berries, grains, seeds and certain bugs. The feathers are water repellent and the belly and chest are naked while the hen is laying on her eggs but fills in feathers during winter months. The soft feet surface makes them surprisingly quiet walkers and their best self defence is blending in to the environment. The wings can help the heavy body travel faster during short running spurts but which burns a lot of energy. Like the owl this bird is least active during the day. It has been found sleeping in abandoned fox- and badger dens as well as hollows of trees but a lot is still unknown about their natural behaviors.

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