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The Courtesan Effect: The Psychology of Seduction

As I have previously discussed, some of the most elite courtesans made a conscious effort to master the art of femininity. And, by doing so, they acquired a great deal. Influential allies, monetary gain, infamy the arts (Paintings, plays, songs, sculptures, & great literature in their honor.), a great retirement, or faded into high society as a wealthy wife.

They understood strategy enhanced with the wisdom of feminine finesse.

Did it happen overnight? No, it took years of coaching, mentoring, trial & error, & a refusal to give up.

The ones who lived a long life, accumulated great wealth, & secured their families fortunes where the ones who knew the power of enjoying a complementary relationship with men.

Mainstream thinking would like you to believe using your feminine energy & essence is unethical.

Why? Because, it gives us an unfair advantage. And, you know what? They’re right. It does. When a woman takes the time to master herself & what makes her beautiful & dynamic as a woman.

She is definitely irresistible.

If you are interested in unlocking your personal version of the ‘Courtesan Effect’. I will be opening up a few spaces for private coaching in few days. If you’re interested follow the instructions in the video.

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  1. I'm learning finally how to do this…and the help I'm receiving is amazing. just getting more comfortable with my inner girrl

  2. I agree…even with lil kim she was guided by a sucessful male and she had such a hold of female urban music. She is the most copied female rapper. Due to her being guided by biggie.

  3. I notice women with MAJOR STARDOM AND POWER AND MONEY ARE TRAINED BY MEN, OR HAVE affluent male managers.

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