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The Fastest Way To Get A Date

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  1. I noticed you keep touching your hair, neck etc, feigning attraction for your male guests, why is this? comes off ingenuine and forced

  2. LOL, I'm married now with two wonderful children, but this video brought me back to my late teens. True story: I was at a restaurant with a group of friends and I saw these two beautiful women who got a seat together by the window. One of them went to the bathroom, so I called that "opportunity!" I walked over to talk to the other woman. It's been a while but I think I said verbatim, "Hi, my name is David, I just want to know that I think you're gorgeous. I was wondering if I could get your number so I can ask you on a date sometime?" I was 18 at the time, and I didn't have a car. I live in western Canada, you really do need a car to ask a girl on a date. I never called her, and I regretted it ever since. She was a lovely woman and deserved to know that she was definitely worth me calling her back. Ladies, we back off for a lot of different reasons some time. We do realize that we've blown it when we do, but it doesn't mean we don't appreciate you. I married a French girl later in my life. I won't bore you with the story unless you want me to. I'll just say that my confidence won the day again, and I was privileged to have this wonderful women in my life going on 15 years. I also won her heart over 4 other guys who were chasing her the same time I was. Good luck out there gents. Kezia's right, woman love confidence. Just remember the confidence is nothing without genuine follow through.

  3. Very solid advice dude. that number is indeed not the holy grail. from now on I will confirm the date before I walk away, very keen dude, very keen.

  4. I used to be a PUA and I am a musician……………….. I could teach this class. Remember always be yarn. You can hang Yarn over a cat for ever and it will chase it. Once you drop it. The cat has caught it and has no Interest. Be the yarn………….. Just always out of reach always a shadow Of a doubt If you like her………………… she will chase you…………….. Act like she won you over as time goes on………………………… No compliments just act like you would around a guy friend. NO strange nervous shit. Don't be what she can have easily be just a Little hard to get…………………… How to get a woman into bed fast? Get her drunk Otherwise…………………. Take your time. spend 5 to 7 hours with her. Kiss her , hold her hand…………….she needs comfort to sleep with you……………………..Let that develop. do not wait too long………………………. U are the man MAKE It happen. and stop sending me how to pick up women. I could write a book on it.

  5. Most women do not know what they want………………………………. why they love an asshole. He don't give a shit . Nice guys finish last at home

  6. I would see a girl and say ( I am In a hurry but you look adorable ( Or comment on her clothing. ) I am In a hurry but you have an awesome hat so I had to come say hello really fast on my way out. What's your name? ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Open ended questions. What brngs you here? ………………. questions that start with Why or How will lead to Information. Why did you move there? How did you get that job. The Other where when who can be answered with ONE word. Usually are. Think In terms Of how or why questions. This will give you more Information about her you may Use to get to know her better. Now u guys can't get rid Of me………. BTW I am so late ( I always hand over my phone In her hands then say ( Hey please put your name and number In there we should get together sometime…………… ) If she Is Interested she will. If not she will tell you she has a BF or some women can be rude BUT always Always be polite back…………… No matter what………….. If she Is rude. Thank her for her time and wish her a great day,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, U never know who Is watching and will see you have self control and do not let Others control your emotions. Also good manners,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  7. I like that idea of starting a conversation with a question that will illicit an engaging response that is telling of her character/personality quite efficiently with these "love it or hate it" type questions.

    brilliant. absolutely effing brilliant. I find that society is on a downward spiral as the game, as well as people are unfortunately changing for the worse, which leads me to realize that even as a handsome guy who finds that women are often attracted to me, they often like to play stupid little kid games and act like silly clowns. I will look to this foxy lady, as well as this knowledgeable bloke for some much needed advice to navigate through these often nightmarish interactions with psycho, two-faced women and hopefully meet a few that are of good quality.

  8. Loved the "phone number is not what you're going for". Very true.
    Met a beautyful girl at a gym. Touchy, laughing and all that. But since I don't visit often, I went for the phone after 10 mins, without really getting to know her (rapport and all that I guess). Anw she gave it to me but not answering since :')

  9. If you say you only have a few small windows of free time a week, you’re too busy for a companion in your life. Find someone being sooo busy with what you’re busy with. Good luck. That perceived as if you’re lying being that busy. Lying attract girl.. yes

  10. "Hello kezia I Was Curious How This Situation Apply's to Online Dating. Specially When These Women Are very High Caliber Women. The Women Are Beyond 21. There ( 50-65 ) it Seems When you Mention Where They Live. I Found it Makes Them Nervous. so What Happens is Where it Says the Distance Above on the Site, I Noticed They Change Where They Live. What Do you Think???… it Seems Nothing is Fast With These Women. so What is your Solution???…

  11. Hi Kezia! I've tried your advice on online dating, it works wonders! 🙂
    One more thing I would like to add: I think that what you say about men, that if their good looks don't match up their game then women lose their interest, well, I think the same is true the other way round; there are a lot of attractive girls out there, but if their good looks don't match their game, men lose interest to them as well. Well, at least I've found out that's true for me.
    Who knows, maybe I'll attend one of your courses in the future! I would really love to visit London . . . again!
    Have a good year!

  12. This is talking about difficult bitchy selfish feminists from Britain. Its sad how these feminist bitches have become so empowered. Frightening would be a better word.

  13. I saw you walking past and noticed your big tool; lets have a conversation. I have heard this many times, how do you continue this?

  14. The biggest put off to this is that everything factors around the man having to do everything to please the woman, yet nothing is ever spoken about what woman should do for men. This just further enables women to feel that they are entitled and should be catered to by men from get go. What no one seems to do is give dating advice to women on how they should better themselves to be worthy of a man. Dating has been a joke since women have put themselves on a pedestal thinking that mean have to earn their attention even though women have developed horrible attitudes towards dating and their expectations of men.

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