The Rock’s Best “It Doesn’t Matter” Moment

Exactly what the title says.

From the December 13th, 1999 edition of Monday Night RAW.


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  1. There's a moment that I think comes into either a tie or 2nd place to this moment. This moment took place during The Undertaker's Ministry Of Darkness ark of his career. The Rock's making fun of both 'Taker & Mideon. When The Rock goes"So, The Rock says this…" Some fan goes" It Doesn't Matter!" And Rocky says "Oh, it matters what The Rock says." When I first seen that, i laughed SO hard, I was crying. (Although I had to turn up the volume to hear what the fan said.)

  2. If that ever happened now, people would call The Rock a racist and he'd get suspended for a week and be forced to apologize on Twitter.

  3. Gotta love JR's call on this one. Ends it perfectly the way he says it so matter-of-fact like. "Oh it doesn't matter! Here we go!" Gets me every time.

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