The Skeptic Community Rant: Kraut, Kilroy and Tribalism

I’ve been meaning to do a video on the skeptics but now seems to be a good time to get everything off my chest.

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Music in the video is called Flower Dance by DJ Okawari. All rights and credits go to him.

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  1. As to people speaking out about the Kraut server & Kilroy, may I point out Tonka Saw:
    He's not even a member of "The Community", although he has been friends with many people in it. He has been more vocal than anyone ( besides Braving Ruin, obviously) about this. In fact, even Andy Warski credits Tonka for helping him find the willingness to go after these people.

  2. Hit the nail on the head: these people are a cult who gaslight their fans as well as each other when they all cover the same topic ad nauseum in 8 streams, 20 videos per month. Amazing how hindsight is 20/20 try watching Sargons "cult behavior" video now without falling asleep or laughing at his "ethics", the skeptocaust of 2017 was a wonderful thing yet this group is as toxic as most cults when dissidents leave….kinda makes you think? Well said +Michelle Catlin, for calling bullshit on Sargoy :^]

  3. "le get fucked"
    "this is just like the SJWs"
    "pissed you off, huh? ;)"
    "nazi bitch queen amirite?"
    "the skeptics"

  4. We're reaching levels of faggotry that shouldn't be possible.

    Prince of queens petty much said he was too Pussy to call out Jeff too. Then tried to justify by saying that plebs like us couldn't possibly understand what it's like to be in "show business"

  5. I have been criticising skeptics for a year and they all team up against me and flagged a comment of mine down after calling me racist.

    They are not interested in hearing opinions that they view as far-right or far-left. They will call you SJW or racist based on the way you upset them.

    The skeptics like to boast about "muh individualism" while acting as a group.

    Can't escape your nature eh?

  6. Sargon just calls anybody he has a disagreement with SJWs , just like the SJWs call everyone nazis. Its about time this was called out, great video.

  7. Even Andy… YES, ANDY… is cognizant enough to realize that Skepticism is dead. He's lately been heard to remark "Guys, how many fuckin' times can we re-hash debunking feminism and the wage gap? My channel's dying, and I've been 'faking it' for a long time now. I can't keep doing it. Time to move on".

  8. People laughed at me when I said Sargon shouldn't be using Rules For Radicals, and that it would eventually come to this. A lot of people predicted this, actually. They saw it way back with that Candid crap. We have indeed achieved Skeptic+, and Sargon fomented the environment with his autistic "mate, don't criticize muh community!" bullshit.

    Well, I, and many others, called it. He, and the rest of the Skeptic goons, can all get fuckt.

  9. The same can be applied to pretty much any group. This group had an in group preference? And water is wet.
    Same applies to the autistic, anonymous army of alt right idiots. I wouldn't say one is better than the other overall. That being said, it's been embarrassing to watch it all unfold.

  10. I still don't get how the entry of Sargon and Thunderf00t would make us "panic". Oh, those are some pretty big subscriber counts you got thar.

  11. What is the point of Bunty King? As someone on Twatter pointed out, his raison d'être is to stick his head in front of the camera and say something irrelevant or redundant when someone else is trying to arrive at an understanding.

  12. I loved watching these skeptics back in my lefty days, they're one of the reasons that made me turn more conservative. But seeing how the skeptics are and how they push sudo science really makes me dislike them. These people (like Jeff dox holiday and Kraut) should have never had this amount of power.

  13. If Sargon loses the lawsuit to Akilah, that might be the nail in the coffin. He'd have to get a real job, and wouldn't have much time to make videos.

  14. Horseshoe in the sense that I use it nowadays is generally a rule that suggest the more extreme one's beliefs are, the more extreme they are likely to be in their behaviour, it's a psychological evaluation more so than an actual cogent political spectrum. I think the way horseshoe as it is traditionally recognised as is flawed in the ways you outlined, and the actual theory needs to be redefined.

    And yeah, the biggest issue in political Youtube in general is attacks on low-hanging fruit instead of actual intelligent, meaningful content.

  15. Being honest, I don't see how the horse-shoe theory is "laughable" or incorrect. It's only incorrect if you oversimplify it for comedic effect. The only difference between the "regressive" identetarian left and the alternative identetarian right is who their preferred groups are. Otherwise, they're literally the fucking same…okay the alt right is possessed of basic competence and some actual, fucking skill(and the ability to meme worth a fuck) but otherwise they're ideologically the same.

    As for the Septic Community(trademarked)? If it isn't an implosion it's going to be a slow, whimpering death(kind of like the Atheist Community-copyrighted).

  16. Kraut let his autism get the best of him. I mean that too like he IS autistic, love the guy, but he just fucking freaked out. Lost his shit and view of his ethics. The ends justify the means apparently. Which they don't. I hope to see kraut back with an apology.

  17. Nobody was obliged to do anything, you keep hating the tribalism and yet demand everyone within the "community" to act and react. I am sick of this circlejerking.

  18. You know, a while ago, I wrote a comment under one of their videos, telling them that the fact that they are all making videos on the same issue, at the same time, was kind of eeky. Like, it appeared that they were planning it … thanks for sharing the evidence that it was.

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