Time Warner/Spectrum= HUGE RANT!!!!!!!

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  1. dont youz have third party internet competirion , here in Canada we have we have lots of option so that we dont have to the big 3 (Bell/Rogers/Cogeco)

  2. time warner cable/spectrum have become a monopoly which is just wrong and I swear I learned in school that it was illegal.

  3. Worst Cable Company EVER!… Just got set up. Bill is over a hundred
    bucks for what amounts to internet and less then basic cable. The up
    charge for wifi, (CMT, BET, Sike) All used to be basic. Now and extra
    charge. Then you have these smug assholes on the customer service line
    who really cant do anything but offer an additional charges. What a bait
    and switch Airline type joke…

  4. Oh comoon…
    If your internet is working fine – just pay them 1 month in advance and problem solved!
    The problem with Spectrum is a non-working internet, not payment!

  5. I don't think you have it that bad. where I live my neighbors have spectrum but my house is kind of far from them. so they told me that they were going to send the guys that do the estimates so that they could do an estimate on how much would it cost me for them to run the cables through my house. the guy came and later they called me to tell me how much i had to pay for them to run the cable and it was 4073 . 🙁 and trust me i kind of want to do it because their internet is fast and because right now i have a wireless service provider that is charging me 100 per moth for 6mbps download and 3 mbps upload and that's if it's working correctly because sometimes i only get 1mbps down and .90mbps up. 🙁 and also can anyone answer this question for me…. do you guys sometimes get bad speed with spectrum? just to know if it is really worth the price

  6. spectrum is the worst I don't even have channels like comedy Central Nickelodeon pop tv like wtf those channels are free at the hospital I work at

  7. Good news everyone. Wireless internet is coming in the next few years. I work for a large company and I see some rural areas starting to get it. You can even set up a point to point connection yourself relatively cheap with Ubiquity products. Then cut your cable internet.

  8. Oh poor me…. I can't manage my money and pay my bills on time… I'm a special snowflake bend to my will or I'll pout and throw a fit and "put them on blast." I bet they saw this and are changing their policies just for you.

  9. Great job man. I definitely understand you man. Wish they would just upgrade the damn internet to 100mbps already, up from 60. You would think for the money, they would

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