viral fox rant attacking lebron exposes how stupid racism is

laura ingraham’s viral racist foxnews rant against lebron james is the perfect example of how idiotic and hypocritical white supremacy is.

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  1. Pretty sure this woman is a clone, because I see at least 25+ others who look, act, and talk like her whenever I'm around other moms here.

  2. The look on that little girls face after the kool-aid comment, even she as a kid knew that it was a fucked up thing to say.

  3. Ugh sadly she's not a middle America mom. She grew up in Glastonbury, CT which just happens to be one of the wealthiest towns in the state. She's an upper class cunt

  4. So I guess you're going to be a guest on her show anytime soon… because you seriously further embarrassed this piece of garbage that calls herself a woman.

  5. People take that seriously? That's not the news it's her opinion. That's so unprofessional, how is that even on television?! I'm so glad I live in Europe…

  6. lebaby was signing for 13 million at an age when you were drunk at a college party taking a lubed prick deep in your slut anus

  7. I'm so thankful to individuals like you who shed light on matters like this! I'm SO tired of people acting as if there isn't a REAL problem in this country with racism and as if blacks simply need to get over it!

  8. The stupidity of these middle americans, racist, republicans, is saddening. These hate comments Laura was making about Lebron was probably because she couldn't accept the fact that a black men earn 10x her pay (at least!). Good job fox news, now this is the image we have of America, a bunch of incompetent individuals who have nothing better to do with their life than criticizing (while making awkward moves) the facial expression of an athlete trying to speak his mind. #FromaNONamerican

  9. I live in canada and thankfully we dont have fox news lol but this is wild I cant believe this happens on the daily. like this must be a joke. canada isnt perfect but like this would not be ok …
    love u hasan thanks for being you

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