WARNING! Rant Ahead! NEVER Join an MLM Lularoe Jamberry Direct Sales Companies

For those of you who just came for the main rant about Lularoe… it begins around 14:04

These are just my opinions. They are not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings. It’s a wake up call!

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  1. I have been in my mlm for over 4 years and had I not joined my family would have lost their home, everyone is different. There is a lot of money that can be made of you know how to run a business

  2. This video is liquid gold honayyyy! If you’ve stopped checking your dm’s because you already know ….”oh, what’s that, you say?” You want me to try creams, pills, powders, juice, clothing, or makeup?” Blocked. Nothing irks me more than being messaged by someone pushing the “best product ever” in my dm’s. Gtfo

  3. I’ve failed 5 companies and lost tons of money. I stumbled on this video thinking of dumbly doing it again I just want some fun money. Fact I’ve been following you for over a year I can take your advice to heart.

  4. I say so that you have to do your research, so you as anyone on the whole feel empowered to make an informed decision…Sorry your experience was bad….oh,,, it sounds it was a bad deal

  5. Don't forget the mother of mlms…Mary Kay. Scamming women through recruiting and pressuring women to buy drugstore quality makeup since the early 60s.

  6. Loved this rant..it's the best ever! Bravo!I am an ex kaybot. Please check out Pink Truth on the Web for lots of insight on the Mary Kay business, and the recruiting scam mlm that it is.

  7. I literally had a woman try to recruit me to become an Arbonne consultant. Her closing statement was, "where do you see yourself in this business". I actually considered it, but said, "I'll do my research first." Because, well I'm smart and I studied & I teach history…. I even told this woman, (who I believed wanted to become friends with me because we live close to each other and have children the same age) that I do my research before I make my decisions. Well of the research I have found, she pitched to me around 5 statements that are common in what appears to be all MLM sales pitches or recruitment pitches. She has dropped the names of her products several times (I noticed, but gave her the benefit of the doubt that if thats what you sell, of course your going to mention it in casual conversation…mums have a tendency to complain to each other about EVERYTHING). I even asked her if Arbonne was a pyramid scheme, she seemed to not understand what I was referring to so I used an example of a friend of a friend who is a sales consultant for Lula Roe and seems to be making no money at all and is in fact losing money on her "parties". This video has cemented my "no" decision….which I made roughly a few minutes into my research of various aspects of Arbonne and MLMs…..now I keep watching videos about all the BS MLMs out there. I would totally buy a few Arbonne products, but am upset that I thought I made a genuine friendships that has turned out not to be.

  8. I have had amazing results with Avon. You have to understand the pay plan. If you work the business right you will make a lot of money (or at least with Avon) not sure about any of these other businesses which does sound awful. Thanks for making this video 🙂

  9. I'm sitting here thinking how much I wish we could be friends! haha love the tough love and that you aren't afraid to tell everyone your experience! It's awesome that you got out of it and were strong enough to self-reflect and go forward with what was best for you! Thank you for sharing! I almost got roped into It Works! once and luckily didn't fall for it due to lack of money lol. Plus the product SUUCCKKEEDD and was so expensive! Uh anyway, thanks for sharing :)!

  10. all these MLM postings are literally cracking me up. Like: "one year ago I was at the same place as you are now" WOW!!! Really! Then you check their profile and see that a year ago they were selling Avon. Well, trying to sell Avon. LOLOL. Great video, girl

  11. There's another type of MLM out there and instead of selling products, it sells services like life insurance plans. The upside is, you don't have to buy any products to sell them, BUT life insurance is a very important commitment and you'd be trying to sell it to friends and family, even though they might not need it. That's just horrible.

  12. You Go Girl! You Said It! I have to give it to MLM's though! I mean… it's a pretty elaborate plan to influence people, even really smart people to become consumers to recruit more consumers by baiting them with a business opportunity! Any "business opportunity" that has no rules for Market limitations & Saturation is definitely a BIG RED FLAG! .

  13. Just rant and say informative stuff. You don't have to do the whole, this is my channel and soap box and I can say whatever I want… makes you sound a little childish.

  14. Love this video! So true. I thankfully never bought in to any company like this but I have had countless offers to join various companies and have "my own business" or one couple I met in a clothing store told me I could become their "business partner" if they liked my work and take over for them. That couple was probably the most upsetting I've encountered. The husband was an engineer – or so he told me – and they approached us after overhearing me talking to my husband while searching the clearance racks for some new work clothes for him. We had our first daughter and we were debating whether I should start looking for an engineering job, what would we do with our daughter for child care, etc. The couple approached us, said they had overheard part of our conversation and the he was an engineer. They had their own small business that they needed some assistance with and that since I was a young engineer I might be a perfect fit for what they needed. They said that I may be able to become a partner and eventually take over their business for them since they were looking to retire within the next few years. They told me to bring a notebook to a meeting they were having for their company, dress business casual and meet some of the other employees of their business. I didn't have any business casual clothes that fit me after having a baby so I bought a new outfit, my husband had to miss part of his work day so I could attend this meeting and…pyramid scheme. The couple wanted to recruit people to "work" for them by recruiting other people and making the people you recruit sell things. This couple was clearly targeting young mothers because another woman that was there was in her early 20s, single mother, and had a retail job which they convinced her to quit to "work for herself". I've been a stay at home spouse and mom for years and I have seen other stay at home moms pick up these businesses and some I don't even talk to much anymore because any time I have tried to speak to them they just want to push the products they are trying to sell on me! One of them actually reached out to me recently (after not speaking to me for almost 2 years! because I turned down a baby shower with the book company she sells for…after my baby shower happened!) and asked me to sell her household items on eBay because she needs money. She got quite upset with me when I told her I don't sell items for other people but eBay does give you 50 free listings per month.

  15. I had a coworker who is in the arbonne business scam and been at for five years. Its like she's in a cult. She's tried to get me to sign up and I've declined countless times. I only made one purchase from her because I felt pressured and sorry for her. Being older and wiser now I would never agreed to that order. When I told her I why I didn't want to retail this to my friends and family, she became agitated and defensive. She still tries to link my life to arbonne somehow. She managed to convince at least five people in the company I worked for to be consultant's. When she ran out of people to recruit, she moved to another town.
    I really hope one day she sees the light, gets away from her up line and does something with her life that will make her happy. Because sad reality is shes not an entrepreneur.

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