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Weird Dropshipping HACKS that Make Money [Facebook Ad Tricks]

Learn the 3 weird dropshipping hacks that make money with Aliexpress dropshipping.
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Dropshipping hack #1: Facebook Video Demo Ads

When we teach most people how to set up a dropshipping store, we recommend that they get started with image ads. Not because image ads perform the best, but because people are less intimidated by them. It’s the pathway of least resistance.

If you are willing to put in effort and create a video ad, Facebook will reward you with very cheap advertising, which will greatly improve your conversions.

You can create simple videos by taking the images your suppliers have provided and putting text over them. Even better though, is to create a video demo ad. This is when you take a video of you/someone else using the product in-action. To do it, all you need is the product yourself, and a camera – a smartphone will be fine for this. You don’t need a professional camera.

As an example, in this video Sarah created a simple video demo ad of an item that we’ve featured regularly on this channel: the self-stir mug. The video Sarah replicated had amassed over 9 million views on Facebook over its ad campaign. It was very easy and took less than a minute to film and set up.

Dropshipping Hack #2: Change Ad Budgets Just After Midnight

The Facebook algorithm is very smart – which is why it is very easy for newbies to have success with Facebook ads. The algorithm works to try to put your ad in front of the right people that are most likely to convert and purchase your products. It also tries to figure out how to best use your ad budget across the day.

So if you go to scale your campaign by raising the ad budget midway through the day, it disrupts the algorithm. Normally, the algorithm spends your daily budget across the whole day, testing to see what times of the day people are most interacting with your ad and converting. If you change the ad budget midway through the day, Facebook scrambles to try and spend your new advertising budget by the end of the day. That means that it doesn’t get to test it across a whole 24-hour period, so it spends it inefficiently – and thus collects inefficient data, negatively impacting your campaign.

The solution is to increase your ad budget just after midnight. This way, the Facebook algorithm has the entire day to test the ad budget and collect accurate data.

However – not everyone wants to stay up until midnight just to update their ad budgets (I understand that!). What you can do is when you create your Business Manager account in Facebook, set your timezone to be one that is ahead of you. For example, if you live in California, you would be on Pacific Time. You could set your timezone to be Eastern Time, so that it would be 3 hours ahead. That means you could update your ad budgets at 9pm instead of midnight.

Dropshipping Hack #3: Sell Digital Products to Your Customers

Most dropshippers don’t even think about selling digital products like ebooks/videos etc. They only think about selling physical products to their customers. This is a big mistake though, as digital products can have HUGE profit margins since they have less overhead costs, which means that merchants for digital products often pay out generous commissions.

What this means is that you can dropship physical products from Aliexpress as a way to collect email leads. You then send out emails to those customers promoting digital products. In this video, Sarah gives the example of – they have custom destiny readings that they sell to customers after they have received a small, free destiny reading based on their date of birth.

This funnel (a free report into a paid, in-depth report) converts very highly. In addition, they offer 65% commissions. So if you were dropshipping products related to Astrology, you could send follow-up emails to your customers recommending that they get a free destiny reading from and redirect them there with your affiliate link. This would be very profitable!

So don’t think that you can only sell your dropshipping customers physical products. Check to see if there are any good affiliate programs in your niche for digital products and take advantage of the big commission rates (plus you won’t have to worry about shipping out the items/fulfilling the orders either!).

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  1. I want a hack where I can return goods that are faulty, without having to pay the shipping to get items back to them for evaluation. Paying shipping that costs as much as the item, makes returning it not economically viable and is a business wrecker potentially.

  2. Hi Sarah, on hack #3, how would I create an agreement with the affiliate on promoting their digital product for my commission?

  3. This is a simple and poweful video.
    Hey Sarah, I believe that doing more videos related to FB ads, Adwords ads, will give you another huge boost to your great channel.

    I follow you since many months now. Thanks for all valuable things you share.

    Best to you 🙂

  4. For advertising in midnight, do u scale the ad up in midnight in the location ur targeting or scale the ad up in midnight in ur location?

  5. Could I wait till the money clears in my paypal before I fulfill the customers order? I have bad credit so a credit card is out of the question to use to upfront money. The platform I will be using is Shopify with obelo add on and aliexpress will be the store I’m using. I’d really appreciate it if you could help me out here because I’ve looked everywhere on YouTube and haven’t found anything for help and it seems as if your channel is the best source. Thank you and I look forward to your reply

  6. Is there any way to " dropship in different countries from different countries" bcoz i live in India and here.. I can't dropship profitably..??

  7. Great video Sarah. You’ve definitely built a nice segway into covering more on digital products to complement the plethora of very useful content you’ve already created on the sale / dropshipping of physical products.

  8. Great content Sarah. When you test ads, do you do PPE or go straight for conversions the first time. People say do post engagement and then conversions but some people say go straight for conversions.

  9. I like the way She explain everything, but I bought the Woodropship Plugin that She taught , Always hang… Customer Service was so bad. Hope you this lady knew what she is endorsing. Until now My Woodropship not working always shows Timeout 504. I contacted the Customer Service no response at all. So bad…

  10. Good tips. I've been using IG influencers and have done over $4K in the last month but this is definitely super valuable info for scaling

  11. How many ways you know as many Guru do and they do not share like you does ? Please answer my question below, Please

    Would you please tell me one think only? when you setup the shippingment structure into Shopify, how can you make money actually when you sale any items at same shipment price? for example, let say that, I add in your cart 19 items and so you charge me only 6.95 but when you go to Aliexpress and buy the 19 items , they come at that price something like 20 dollars only for shipment all together, how you can still make money when you actually charge only 6,95 of shipping all of?

    Last question, how you can manage or how the customer feels when in that particular situation when the customer buy 19 items all at once but 2 o 3 or maybe more of them they have a very different shipping time to arrive to the customer, what you do in that case?

  12. hahah you're so funny XD
    that video tip was really good!
    so just showing a video of you using the product for 30 secs is all u need 🙂

    but in my case, I sell jewelery, what video can I make about a necklace being used :S , I can't come up with any ideas

  13. You are such a Positive and Encouraging Mentor. Thank you so much for the content and  effort you put on your videos!

  14. Thank you for this video. I just subscribed. I just started an online store with ecwid and am using there free package where I can list 10 products which is more than enough for me right now. I made a video ad for Facebook because I I know they're powerful and I had heard that Facebook is favoring them. I did not do well the first day at all but when I boosted it the second day for $5 more I got a thousand more views. Nothing converted into sales though and I'm wondering if it just takes more time or should I just focus on leading people to the store with a sign-up offer to get emails?

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