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Why I Won’t Buy From H&M! The True Cost of Fast Fashion

Why I won’t buy from H&M! The True Cost + Fast Fashion. I watched the True Cost Documentary and saw all of the horrors of fast fashion industry. I want to bring attention to these horrors and shop at sustainable and ethical fashion brands. Many of the stores that I used to shop at (literally as of 1 week ago) included H&M, urban outfitters, ect. My goal with this video is not to judge people who do shop at these stores, as 99% of my closet comes from fast fashion stores. My goal is to to talk about the “true cost” of shopping at these stores and why it’s NOT okay to keep consuming at the level that we currently do.

True Cost Movie:
*it’s available on netflix if you have an account with them*

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*Conventional cotton (NON organic cotton) takes tons and tons of pesticides to produce, it’s also extremely water intensive- so bad for the environment, and bad for the people working in it

*The average lifespan of a conventional cotton farmer in India is mid 30’s due to the high amount of pesticide exposure

*Roughly 40 million garment workers around the world work in unsafe and unethical conditions

*Garment workers (85% of whom are women) deal with long hours, malnutrition due to low wages, unprotected exposure to toxic chemicals, sexual harassment, discrimination, forced overtime, and lack of job security (soul-flower.com)

*only 2% of the clothing bought in the US are made in the US

Check out more fast fashion facts here: (NPR)

and here:



Ethical Brands I Want to Buy From!

Athletic wear:
(First Base):

Bags and shoes:



Other cool looking brands:
Groceries Apparel:

Ethical Market (market place for ethical brands!!):

People Tree:

**NOTES: I realize that a lot of these brands are quite expensive. I think that’s a reality we will just have to face OR buy secondhand (which I talk about in the video). I will continue to look for ethical brands that are closer to the price point of what we’re used to, but I’m not sure they exist! **

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  1. The fashion industry has always been a dirty business. There are sweat shops producing designer merchandise. I typically buy natural fibers though that is hard. There are so many aspects to the industry. It sounds like you already know alot.

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