YOU Control 2018! – Dave Ramsey Rant

YOU Control 2018! What are you going to do this year to accomplish your goals?
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  1. The episode: "I'm afraid I'd blow my enhitance", of Jan 3rd 2018. My sense tells me that the father is not dead-he disappeared pretending he's dead so the son would get 1.8million in life insurance. Humans are capable to do anything for money. But God is watching.

  2. I'm trying my hardest to differentiate your religious beliefs from your financial expertise. Please stick to the things you are knowledgeable in – financial topics. Please cut the spiritual/religious preachings

  3. I'm amazed when people act as though they have no choice but to be foolish.  Their excuse is "I gotta be me."   So you can't save money because you're not the kind of person that saves money?  Really stupid.

  4. Dead on about the news.  It just makes people bitter and angry.  CNN tells you how terrible Republicans are, Fox News tells you how Democrats are trying to ruin the country.

    You'd think Fox News would be telling you things are great since the GOP is in control.  Nope.  Still all negative.

  5. You deserve all the best this year and beyond. Great eternal advice for all of us. You’ve given me enough financial motivation over the last decade that I now have my own little channel. Thank you. Best wishes

  6. Great advice, Dave! Always enjoy listening to you. Not a day goes by that I don’t watch at least one of your videos. So motivational!

  7. Thanks to you, i am debt free and finally started saving 60% of my monthly income from this month January 2018… looking forward to safe and peaceful financial year due to your help sir….. keep up the good work 😉

  8. The verse you used in the intro was my grandfather's favorite saying. Sunny, rainy, snowy, cloudy, he said it every time. Brought back memories when you said it. Thank you

  9. So good!!! My husband was miserable in his job, and made steps to change that. He now has a job he loves and is making great money! It took time and hard work, but he didn’t stay stuck.

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